Help with triangle dashing using RH with STorm

Can someone help me with triangle dashing using Rh with storm? I just can’t get it to work. Best i can do is traingle dash with lk and hold up and hit RH. But i know for sure you can do it with just RH…i just can’t get it to come out. Any tips?

wass up irvin, i see you still have my quote in your post.
The way I do it is I pick Commando instead of storm.

do a superjump and as soon as you get the controller to the up position (be that upfoward, up, or upback depending on where your trying to end up) immediatly push it back to downfoward and press both punches then slide your fingers down and to the right so they press the HK botton but not the LK. If you do this correct the character should come very slighly off the ground and hk while going down towards the opponent. Connected this combos into a standing HK into aircombo for storm this does not cause flying screen but, thats another post.

I like to trianlge jump with her a few ways. The normal way which everyone does. And the fun way. when you Super Jump. Go from d/f to u/b. Once you hit u/b hit Fp or Rh. ASAP Airdash down/forward then hit Fp or Rh. This is the way I Triangle jump with mags. I use it only from cross overs tho. Then i start short short something you know the rest.

The method I use is placing my thumb on roundhouse. It is super effective for me and is more efficient than slide method. If you have a stick, just go into training mode and practice with your index on jab, middle on fierce, and thumb on roundhouse. At first it may feel a bit strange but after awhile you get adjusted to it and it becomes easy. This method is just as useful with Magneto for rapid tri jumps.

Is it a good idea to Tri with HK??I thought lk was the best to triJ with storm.Also,can someone tell me if normalJ with lk is better than normalJ with hk?Or is it better to SJ?Can someone help me out:) !!Thx!

That really depends on the situation. Triangle jumping with short is a real fast crossup, and i think that triangle jumping with jab might even be faster than that. Triangle jumping with roundhouse is great for knocking out assists(since storm is such a priority whore). Whenever im floating over cable and he’s jamming his assist button, storms roundhouse is a pretty efficient(but not the best) way to knock out assists. It’s all about timing really, if you triangle jump with roundhouse at the right time, you can knock out assists. Roundhouse also just has a real odd priority. Plus, her infinite is much better when you do the roundhouse version. Just my 2 cents.

As far as normal jumping with either, i don’t think it makes much of a difference. Short is still one of the best crossups in the game :smiley: .

I always use RH for mag, but I can’t do it that well for storm. I just stick to lp and lk, works just as well.

check out ekin’s handywork on