Help with Turtle chun

hi i am new to cammy and loving her.

but im having trouble with my friend he plays a turtling chun…

chun seals my jumps with her mk
if i do get the jump she would just jump and hk
also her heavy punch…

he would also poke with HP, down HP

and her combos are so easy to punish me with the cross up where sometimes i can walk under and others times i cant and he punishes me with ex legs

way too pain… help me please :smiley:

Don’t jump in if she has meter. Make her waste that meter. FADC her hazanshu. I think it’s pretty tough matchup, quite frankly. Strike fast and build momentum is my best answer…

AA ex bird kick does like no damage. Its not really a huge threat unless you get thrown into the near corner

If he’s turtling hardcore, do the same and see if you can make him come to you.

Block her cross up, don’t try to walk under it. It’s pretty easy to block assuming you mean her or whatever it is.

I try to FA Chun’s sweep, hazanshu, and other long pokes.

Chun gives me a lot of problems too though, so what do I know

lvl 1/lvl 2 focus attack, and block strings is your best friend.

just rush him down, and when you’re going in for a jump in. try to dive kick as fast as you can. chun-li doesn’t really have a good anti-air without a meter.

also, don’t forget to mix-up some throws in your game. really important against charge characters.

what is lvl 1 & lvl 2 focus attack? any difference… I’m new to this forum anyway… hi all

Santhrax (Cammy) vs JWong (Chun)

According to manual:
level 1: Only does regular damage, crumples opponent if a counter hit
level 2: Crumples opponent if hits, allowing easier follow up

and you must hold the button(s) longer for higher levels.

I am having the same problem. I wouldnt doubt that some of you have beat me online. I really need help overall. My cammy be hot trash. It even stinks in the winter!

hm…so has any1 found out hot to counter her mk or hk for a jump in?

i really hate it when he would kikoken walk up and of i neutral jump heavy punch, if i absorb he can HP/sweep. i jump in he would mk/hk chips off way too much of my hp…

so far what i have found out is a talon spike aimed towards the knee area… but its hard to aim…

Rush Chun before she gets her meter going. Dive pressure is free of charge since she has no reliable anti-air options before she has meter. Mydingling pretty much stated it properly.

If she’s doing neutral jump HK, stand outside of the range, and you can counter with C. HP (I believe) and cannon spike, or just start your own jumping TK-Cannon strike pressure after you hit her, or after her jump Hk whiffs.

You can focus bait her crouching HK and punish heavily. You can also focus Hazhan-shu. Applying pressure is the best strategy. Chun doesn’t have much vitality and Cammy hits like a ton of bricks. If you’re going to try to outpoke her, do it carefully since she’ll outprioritize you head on. Counterpoke wisely.

If she’s grounded without meter, mix up with throw, dive kick pressure and hit confirm C MK xx HK spiral arrow. Always watch for EX-SBK on wake up if she does have meter. As Dingling said, bait that shit out.

And don’t forget Cannon spike, far standing RH, and Crouching FP if she tries jump-ins on you.

I’m not an expert but,

  • Remember you are a stamina tier higher then chun, so hit her & turtle yourself.
  • I try to lure her into doing a fireball, and then counter (spinal arror / turn punch).

but chun li’s don’t give me much trouble really, must be the low level of play in lowest G.

I’m assuming lv. 1 is when they don’t flash white yet…
Against Guile’s cr. hk… I focus the first and then let go… he does not crumple… so I don’t think it does crumple if counter hit… unless hitting guile when he’s doing is not considered a counter XD

Against turtle chun… switch up being in the air and ground… poke her back with rh or mk… i prefer rh though… for high damage if connects… and if it’s a super turtle… then just grab and be happy :smiley:

If they have ex bar… and u just have that feeling they’ll do a wakeup ex bird… just go up… jump and press lk when coming down just to screw up their mind :smiley:

*Counter hit occurs when you interrupt an opponent’s attack with one of your own. Your opponent will take longer to recover… *(PC version manual, page 14)

You will see “Counter Hit” message on appropriate side of your screen. If that counter hit was caused by a focus attack, your opponent will crumple.

So if you focus Guile’s c.HK first hit, it’s not considered a counter hit, because you’ve just been hit (attack was successful, damage is done, there is nothing left to interrupt).

Yes, level 1 focus is before the first white flash, level 2 is after the flash and level 3 is automatic after holding the button long enough (you can see another white flash indicating that you moved up a level with your focus attack).