Help with turtlers!

i cant seem to beat turtlers with necro. the best i can do is either turtle back or give in and go for a rush down which doesnt help much.

just walk forward till u corner em… necro has a sick corner game

grab em

but if they keep fireballs i cant. i know tat i should parry them but i cant parry them and move forward at the same time

I have just started using Necro but I have read in a guide that the HCF+LP move has frame advantage. Thus, it is really good for pressure situations. You can mix up after that move (you have frame advantage), or anticipate a parry. Plus if it hits even once, it pushes an opponent way back, closer to the corner. So that should help too.

You also don’t have to parry fireballs. You can drill kick to close distance so that you can set up your attack.

fireballs shouldn’t be owning you…
parry, move up slowly and get’em into the corner. Then you can reversal ES them if they try another fireball. If you knock’em down, proceed with high/low/throw/block mindgames. :tup:

the best advice for this situation:

use your parrying anticipation against your opponent’s retaliation and use throw mixups.

high and low mixups doesnt really work effectively against turtlers, but its feasible to use.

there’s nothing but turtles where i play and i own their turtle’s asses by just throwing down forwards and standing strongs, once you do that a couple of times they’ll get desperate and jump and i think you know what to do after that.
p.s. when you do standing strong be ready to throw your super right after if you connect the hit.

Walk forward, pressure with back mp, and mp.
get them in the corner and start pressing down to parry…
one parry means link into super. corner game starts…ownage starts…

If they fireball, jump up and do a mk or hk drill over it, but don’t hit them. This way you can get in slowly if you don’t like parrying.

knowing the range for all of your snake fangs will at least help you out. I play against someone I consider an expert Necro, and he has that range down pat. EX Snake fang is awkward to parry and counter when it’s thrown out randomly, and has frame advantage. Just to keep your opponent honest, throw this out properly ranged. On crouching opponents, it does far more damage than it looks like it should. If they are pure turtling, make it a key to corner them. One corner throw reset will give you an advantageous mixup opportunity, if they have no decent reversal to get you off them, mix up all day. His UOH kicks ass, so backing off(again, correct spacing) into an UOH might give you a free super.

Snake Fang is his command throw(HCF+K) which can’t be EX’d. Are you talking about the Flying Viper?(QCB+P)

he’s talking about qcb+p