Help With Unresponsive Xbox (1) Gamepad

I hope this is welcome here. I have a bugged controller pad for the original Xbox that I’m hoping to fix, so I thought, if anyone knows controller tweaking in-general, this is the place.

I have a Logitech Cordless Precision for the Xbox (1), which is having trouble responding with some buttons. It’s troublesome that I have to firmly press down on the “A”, “X”, “Y” and “B”(I’ll call these the “main buttons” for now) buttons to get a response. I suspect it’s having some problems with button pressure sensitivity. I used a homeberew application to test the reading on the Logitech controller’s sensitivity in comparison to a Microsoft Xbox S controller. With a light tap on the “main buttons”(as usual when gliding across the controller for fast movement between buttons) the S controller read an average of “90” upon the while the Logitech read an average of “17”. This low number is hardly read by most Xbox games and really ruins fighting games especially(in my case, Dead or Alive).

I do prefer the feel of this controller since I used it not long ago at my friend’s place so, I know this problem isn’t normal. It’s useless until I fix it so, any suggestions before I open it up? Any help would be appreciated .:smiley:

You’ll have to open it up. Wear and tear has probably worn down the black conductive stuff in the nipple piece, or the carbon has worn off the PCB traces it smooshes onto.

It could also be dirt that is getting inbetween the conductive material of the button and the PCB. a q-tip and rubbing alcohol could fix that up