Help with Unthinkable Natural Law

Im trying to patch the game to 1.03 (so i can use the english patch) but i don’t know how. please help!

Bump… for help purposes

Normally they just give you an exe or msi or something and you just apply it to the folder the game is in. How is the patch packaged?

As far as I know, nobody talks about that game on here, and very few even play it at all. You’d probably have better/quicker luck asking somewhere else.

Here are some alternate names you can try if your search for UNL isn’t bringing anything up.

SWR is short for “Scarlet Weather Rhapsody” and TH is “Touhou”

Have you not actually tried downloading/installing the patch yet, or did you get errors and then come here?
Google gave me these in about ten seconds.

  • It’s just an executable and all you need to do is point it to the folder where the game is installed and click next a bunch of times.
  • This is the tech support subforum for what looks to be a fairly active Touhou-dedicated forum.

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unthinkable natural law - new metaphysics book coming this summer from legendary game designer/bullet time inventor david sirlin

There is no english patch for Hisoutensoku(12.3) yet. The English patch is for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody(10.5) v1.06.

Relevant info on the front page of the wiki:

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zomg its bellerisa i saw your videos on the internet! anyway the problem was it was just creating another th123 folder in my unthinkable natural law video i got it done so yay! -jack