Help with upgrading my custom hitboxes

Ok so here is my story ! I live in Bulgaria, Europe community but nevertheless I think me and my girlfriend are the only owners of hitboxes in our country. I built them myself with wooden cases and sanwa buttons and the pcb-s are MC-Chtulu. Till now I only used them on PS3 but now we are thinking of buying an XboX. So what should I do to make them work?

  1. Buy PS360+ from akishop?
  2. dual mod as in the tutorial which is problematic because I can`t find those madcatz fightpads in Europe AT ALL!! That means it will cost me more than 20 $ so I think it is better to wait for option 1 instead.
    All help from you will be appreciated :slight_smile:

the pcb for a mcz fightpad is still over 20 bucks anyways
unless you mean euro

The PS360+ if i remember right does have input cleaning for hitbox users so you could probably wait for that, although odds are it will retail anywhere from 45-60 USD judging from the bulk preorder pricing

Buy Xbox and get to pad hacking. Xbox should come with a controller. If you want a fightpad then order it and use that PCB.

There is also the route of going with an rj-45 from the MC to ps2 then running it through a converter like the Xtokki converter found here:

which is what I plan on doing with mine for 360 support.

I will buy the ps360+, just revceived an email anyway. Can you tell what else do I need? I have two usb cables and neutrik adaptor from my previous hitboxes.