Help with upscan converters

Id like to be able to play my DC, SS, PS2 from my comp and so im looking for an upscan converter(?) Which do you all recommend? Is there a good FAQ for all of this? I was thinking of the US2 from hori, seemed cheap and decent. :sweat:


The Hori Upscan Convertor 2 works well from what I’ve seen. I don’t own one but I’ve seen it in action a few times. The results are as good as can be expected. PS2 games don’t gain much because they are generally pretty low res. Saturn games are either lowres or f’d up res (640x224?). Dreamcast hooked up to the upscan convertor doesn’t look as good as hooked up with the DC VGA adapter. The normal res of the DC is 640x480 so the VGA adapter doesn’t have to do much work and the result looks amazing. But I don’t know how easy it is to find the DC VGA adapter. I haven’t looked cause I found them for $5 about a year ago and bought 3 :smiley:

the hori upscan converter is alright. I have one. Not perfect conversion but its alright.

if you want a good upscan converter, you can look at the XRGB-2 or XRGB-3, but you may have to look for a used one on ebay or yahoo japan (if you go this route you’ll have to use a import service since you can’t buy directly from yahoo japan).

Thanks a lot for all your replies. I do like the XRGB’s but wow, for 2-300 bucks i’d probably just buy another tv. The hori sounds decent and thats pretty much all i need, nothing stellar, i just dont want it to look like crap. That and its cheap, when it can be found that is. Anyway, thanks again.