Help with using metronome for linking

I recently read about using the sound of the metronome to aid in linking normals on websites such as eventhubs etc. however I have no idea how to go about doing it. I would like to try this method as i kinda have problems with linking. Any help on how this is to be done?

thank you (:

Threads in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo should all have blanks where you’re required to list your main character and all relevant information.

Noone can help you because we don’t know who your main character is. We don’t know what link you’re trying to do. I will say that the metronome training is MOST helpful for linking normals of similar timing (usually the same normal multiples times like bison cr. lk, vega cr. lp, zangief cr. lk, etc.).

EDIT: List your main character and what link you’re trying to do.

it might be hard to explain how to use a metronome for timing unless you understand how to use a metronome, which implies you know about time signatures from music.

fighting games are really fast, so youll probably be doing whatever combo you’re working on several times by the last beat.

Ive never used a metronome for fighting games

the benefit is that you can slow down or speed up the combo to improve your timing abilities gradually.
the downside is that many combos probably wont fit in the standard time signature(4/4).
Which means youll have to learn about time signatures in order to get anything out of it.

Time Signatures

Most combos aren’t very rhythmic- at least not in the standard musical sense. I think the metronome is most useful for (and mostly used for) linked moves that are repeated and not chained (like Bison’s cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. lk xx lk scissors combo).

thats why i said you would need odd time signatures.

you can pretty much get any kind of rhythm you want(time signature + tempo), but its going to require one to learn how to understand time from a music perspective.

ok, i left out the character im using and link because i thought the method of using a metronome to practice linking would be the same for all characters.

well, im using guile and i want to do the cr.lp to link which is a 1frame link. with plinking, i get it about 40-50% of the time. i was thinking if its possible to use the metronome to sort of hit lp when you hear 1 sound and mp when you hear another.

pardon me as i dont really know the specifics of how to use a metronome and time from a music perspective as what necrotrophic has mentioned.

do you know for certain if its a timing issue and not an execution issue?

a metronome wont help you if you arent on spot.

I gave a link for you to read about time signatures. its vital information if you want to use a metronome

Hmm whats the difference between a timing issue and an execution issue?

He means are you sure you are performing the plink correctly. Either way I don’t think this will be worth the effort, just grind it out in training mode until you get it.

Are you trying to do cr. lp, cr. mp xx flash kick or cr. lp, cr. lp, cr. mp xx flash kick?
If you’re just trying to do the first one, then you only need one speed (BPM). If you’re trying to do the second one, you’d need a speed for cr. lp, cr. lp and another for cr. lp, cr. mp unless cr. lp chains into itself, which it actually probably does.

Assuming it does, just find the right speed (BPM) for cr. lp to cr. mp and keep that beat in your head when you’re doing cr. lp to cr. mp. Also plink cr. mp and ask the Guile boards if they know what BPM is necessary for that link.

I think you’re putting too much into this

It’s not like they’re unlearnable by traditional means

Just practice it for a day


I feel like this is the ultimate example of fighting game newbie over analyzing something and looking for crazy “practice methods” instead of just playing the game or grinding it out in training mode. It’s good to have an effective method for improving, but over 90% of your time you devote to FG’s should probably be spent playing real matches, probably <1% should be spent “reflecting on the way I am practicing and thinking of unorthodox methods to practice combos”. If you actually use the metronome you’re going to spend how many hours learning to use a metronome, going to buy a metronome, reading about time signatures, in that time you could just grind out the link with plinking for 20 minutes a day and probably have it down.

I’m not sure if most of the people who have replied to this thread actually have heard of the metronome method, but many Bisons use it to work on their cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. lk xx scissor kick link. There’s useful info on it in our forum with the correct BPM to aim for and where to find an online metronome that you can use to get the rhythm.

dude just record it in training mode, loop it and then listen to it. bam, theres your rhythm. now you just have to get into it into fingertip memory.

thats how i learned akumas loops on vanilla… i just watched vids where it was happening constantly and i was able to mimick it in training mode with better success than if i didnt ever hear it… then it was all about ironing out my execution through hours of practice.


Don’t bother with a metronome. The time it takes to feel out the proper timing for the link will take far less time than setting up a metronome. Get plinking down and hit training mode.

Ok thanks all for your inputs, i think i’ll try the recording method and hit the training mode for more practice

i learned that just by playing

you don’t honestly need a metronome unless you can’t keep a beat to save your life and if that’s the case then a metronome still wont help you

The only thing I think I ever used counting for in SF4/SSF4 is Gen’s Mantis Up-Kicks. I think I used to do something like 1…2…3…4…5.6.78 (The more dots, the more time I wait.) That can be slightly off because I haven’t touched Gen in about 6 months.

Everyone learns differently. I also learned the combo just by playing matches against multiple people, but who knows if using a metronome would’ve saved me time and helped me stay more consistent. I’m not gonna knock one particularly training method because I don’t personally use it.

I think it would work if the person who tries it knows how to use a metronome. I just think its overkill for someone whose not already a musician (by musician, I mean someone who actually understands music concepts like time signatures)

Its like trying to teach a pure math guy how to paint. You know he just doesnt care about it.

But hey, if they go through and do it, more power to them.