Help with vanilla zangief



hello. im new to this forum.
i want to ask for some advice that would help me become a better zangief in sf4 online.
im having problems with blanka. the people i play try to have he whole screen distance separation between them use rainbow roll and for some reason, no matter what i do, i always get hit(stand defend, crouch defend, lariat, backdash…) the only thing sometimes saves me is if i use gh while blanka is in the air. well after RR, they usaually continue with a sweep, cr.FP or the slide. then balnka roll with the idea that if i block, they will be safe to get back to the other side of the screen. jumping in this match is futile they always get me. im in a point that i don’t know what to do.

another thing that i found anoying its that many ryus just jump back then jump forward hard kick and its seems that they always hit me in the last pixel. i tried lariat, crouch lariat, crouch MP, even when i block the kick i cannot block the following sweep… its frustrating. another thing they use is they just jump horizontally and just mash medium kick but for some reason i cannot get near them, zangief always get hit.

those are the escenarios more common that i cannot pass. im not a good zangief but i can defend myself but lately i been seen that kind of play and i cannot pass that. i was 2300 pp. and im reduced to a 1200-1500… please help


People still play vanilla?? lol


he’s preparing himself for edition select!!!

Some simple blanka matchup knowledge:

  • Use focus attack (hold MP+MK) to absorb the rainbow roll and dash back or forward in the right direction to punish.
  • Your match up objective is to try to walk blanka to the corner, where he’s rolling attack is UNSAFE on hit
  • If you do jump, you need to mix up your spacing. Either very far jumping HP or very far knee drop (D+LK) in the air to jump shorter and go into ground pressure with cr.lp or or LP SPD.

Against Ryu’s jump:

  • crouch lariat needs to be timed perfectly to trade with Ryu. Hold down to crouch, and WAIT, and PPP as late as you can.
  • After blocking the jumping HK and Ryu goes into sweep. It is not a true block string, and there is a very small gap. Your safest option is to block the sweep, and punish with far standing MK or far LK xx into EXGH. Just don’t try to SPD through Ryu’s pressure - you will get hit. You can use any of the invincible grabs, EX SPD or EX Atomic Suplex or Ultra 1 in between the jumping HK and sweep, but if Ryu chooses not to sweep after the jumping HK is blocked - he can jump away without being grabbed.

Not sure what you mean? jump horizontally, as in jump forward? and not jumping straight up? or jumping back? Please be clear here.

It sounds like they are jumping straight up! Hit them with far standing HK, or far standing MP, or use cr.MK to go under them and grab them when they land or PPP Lariat them, or EXGH if they attack at the top of their jump but not later.

You have much to learn… before you can grab.

You should study the basics:

  • How to use Zangief’s normal attacks
  • How to do special moves and combos


Yes. believe it or not people still play SF4 online. lol

Yeah. i don’t know what happened with my orientation when i was writing but yes, i was referring to ryus jumping vertical up and spam medium kick.

Thanks for the tips. really enlightening