Help with wiring a JLF =/

I have found a few guides online that tell you which wire is up/down/left/right depending on which way your wiring harness comes out of the JLF when looking at it upside down. The problem is, none of the guides tell me which way you your stick would be facing when I am looking at it upside down =/

It prob sounds stupid, but can someone tell me which wires are up/down/left/right if the plug for the wiring harness on the JLF is coming out facing me when I hold the stick normal (right-side up as if I were playing a game with the joystick).

Post a picture of the inside of your stick and we can just draw it in for you.

My JLF-H should get here soon =)

I believe the important question in this case is what PCB are you using.



I Save this Pic Asap!

Thanks jdm, that’s exactly what I needed!

really cool, well explained I also saved it