Help with X-arcade mod

Hi folks! Been searching around a while and found this place, and looking at the many many (and very awesome) arcade sticks, I seem to be in the right place.

I am new at this modding stuff, and I only own an x-arcade (well I have 2x madcatz wii sticks in the post as they where cheap, £23 each).

So far, as it was the ps/2 type, I have replaced the pcb with the usb version. I then started to look around at other peoples mods of the sticks and wanted to mod mine.

The stock parts I found out are cheap knock offs, and perhaps this is the reason the sticks are rubbish for games such as street fighter.

Generally it seems that most people are suggesting Happ parts, as these fit right in.

The main thing I need help with is choosing what sticks to use out of the Happ ones. Both the Happ Competition Joystick, and the Happ Ultimate Joystick seem to be the right size to go right into the X-arcade.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these?

Going to use Happ Competition buttons as these seem to be very similar to the stock fittings.

Now over all with these buttons and sticks, will they go right in without having to add extra wires and whatnot?

I’ll be wanting to mod the madcatz ones at a later date, using the xarcade as my starter project.

Problem with this community, there are a lot of Happ Haters, so its difficult to get a non-bias opinion on them.
And many who side with Happs and IL parts are so heavily bias against Japanese parts I almost do not consider their opinion ether.

Happ and/or IL parts would be perfect drop in replacements for the rubbish X Arcade Knock offs (I agree they are terrible). Yes there X arcade uses parts that are suppose to be Happ/IL imitations, and not every good ones ether. You can use all the existing wiring, and you need no “extra” wiring per switch.

As for a Stick I say go for IL Eurostick, its similar to Happs Competition joystick in terns of construction but better build quality. As for consensus most people would agree IL Eurostick is better than Happs Competition stick hands down.
You are fine with Happs Competition buttons, if you want to change the feel of the buttons, you can later swap out the microswitches.

As each stick’s Advantages and disadvantages, I cant say, the only Happ/IL parts FAQ I found on SRK I found to be bias against Happs; so that is no help in my mind. I do not hold Happs in the opinion I used to due to the fact they changed who and where they get their parts manufactured which effects the quality of their parts.

Forget American parts, stay European:
Suzo 500.

Make sure your buttons are convex, NOT concave.

The Universal System stick doesn’t look like it fits to the xarcade though. Any opinions on the ultimate stick?

And this il euro stick, any uk links for sales?

I prefer happ over japanese and personally think the competition is happ’s best stick. It feels just as good as their perfect 360 imho.

A little history. Happ used to buy iL eurosticks and rebrand them as the happ competition, then started to manufacture their own second rate clones. When it comes to buttons, aside from the e switch on happs and cherry on iL they are the same.

Ok guys thank you all so much for the help. Looks like it’s happ competition for buttons and stick! Now I have to decide on a colour scheme… I’ll get photoshopping to see what it might look like… but I am thinking, red stick for player 1, orange buttons for the 6 buttons, and red for the other two. blue stick for player 2, purple buttons for the 6 buttons and blue for the other two. sound good?

Lastly, would it be worth changing the start buttons and coin buttons as well? I suppose its more of an aesthetic thing for those really… all matching button types and whatnot.

Go with what you feel looks cool.

I agree with Darksakul… Go with the **** IL Eurosticks and the IL Competition pushbuttons. I would get them from somewhere like “Paradise Arcade Shop” instead of “lizard Lick” (at least for these items) cause Paradise Has all IL (sticks and buttons) and true “Cherry” microswitches, not “E-Switch” microswitches.

Sticks are here IL Eurostick Joystick - Paradise Arcade Shop

Buttons are here IL Competition Convex Buttons - Paradise Arcade Shop

These are what I used in the last X-Arcade mod I did, and they worked out great.

Agreed! Used to own a custom Happ made with an X-Arcade solo case, back when i still used Happ, and IL competition stick & Competiton convex buttons worked out great.

Bought my parts from

Does lizardlick ship to the UK?

You’re in Europe, therefore I suggest you ignore the above and buy from either Gremlin, ArcadeShop or ArcadeMachines.

I made up a x-arcade dual stick template. I’ll post up a link for it later if you want.

That would be cool, thanks.

So this thread is linked on google from The Crack Team ? Street Fighter IV Fight Sticks (and X-Arcade Modding) which also links to

Modifying X-Arcade Dual Joystick

which says 'unscrew the screws which holds the base of the X-Stick ’


So I have the Il Eurostick from Lizard Lick…and I’m just trying to REMOVE the joystick black box assembly from the x-arcade. I removed the 4 nuts but the 4 black screws have that black top on them…how do I get those out???

Here is a video that shows me being frustrated with this


I have pictures as well

This is the topside of the x arcade. these 4 black things are i think the top of the screws I show in the next picture.

I removed nuts from these as well as thin black washers from each. You can also see I’ve remoed the guts of the joy box. I just want to get what’s in this picture out of my x arcade so I can try and put the iL stuff in. I’m going to contact Xarc support as well…because none of the docs on thier site show how to remove this part.

I should also add that I am currently dumb with tools so maybe this is a very simple ‘you need x tool to remove these screws with no screwtop’ thing. But it is very frustrating since even the guides I see online ignore or gloss over this step.

I haven’t taken these out yet but you should just be able to push those out through the the top side. Maybe take the bottom of a screw driver and give them a tap.

Here is template for the X-Arcade Dual Stick

gently tap them out from the bottom with a hammer.

Thanks guys! Yup, just had to hit those screws out from the bottom!!! Got my stick in . It popped right in (though the guy on the black page I linked to above was right about maybe using an exacto knife to make a little more room for the iL box - i didn’t do that and it still worked - it might not be PERFECTLY level so maybe I will revisit it later).

But WOW!!! I love it! Wasn’t sure what to think at first but it is MUCH PREFERRED to the stock stick (just like my happ buttons I got from Lizard Lick - same place I got the iL competition stick).

Maybe with a stick like this on both sides my X-Arcade Dual could be a more comfortable 2p stick…otherwise I’m thinking of just using it as a 1P stick. The right side I could do more experiments…maybe add a ball top and sanwa buttons or something.

Thanks guys! This forum is tops!!!

Thanks for the metion, don’t count us out yet… We just shipped 200 IL buttons to Spain :slight_smile: Now that’s ironic.

If you look at the EU taxes and the price of the IL sticks in Europe you may want to consider us :slight_smile:

Either way just have some fun!

Paradise Arcade Shop- Arcade Parts for Coin-op Video Amusement Machines - Paradise Arcade Shop