Help with yang's rushdown



I was wondering if someone could give some advice on how to properly rush down with yang. Or perhaps mention some bad habits that a lot of yang players do that I should avoid.


Pick your spots, don’t dive kick above the waist, use command grab sparingly. Close lp and close mp are really good. They’re both +4 on block.


Don’t rollkick FADC to try to get in on fireball characters or start pressure when you’re stuck, something a lot of early Yang players do and it’s just garbage(I saw PR Balrog doing it a lot when I watched one of his streams)

After your blockstrings ending in LP Slash you have some decent options to continue pressure, depending on where you did it this can leave you at position to:

  1. Wait for a poke and whiff punish with Cr. MK/St. MP, counter jabs/shorts with pre-emptive Cr. MK.
  2. AA a jump in with Cl. MK
  3. Start divekick pressure, with neutral jump you can vary divekick timing or empty jump to bait a DP.
  4. Do nothing, like East said, pick your spots

Play with your normals, you have so many good normals at your disposal but you really have to know how they all come together.


Cr. lk x3 is a really good block string. Don’t be afraid of spending meter on Rekka FADC to keep pressure.