Help with Zangief cr.lp into Ex Hand :)

Hi, I’m having trouble comboing Zangief’s cr.lpx3 into Ex banishing flat. I was trying pressing forward on the punch and doing the motion quickly but I can’t get it to combo. Thanks :smile:

In sf4 you can’t cancel chained moves into specials. You can only cancel linked moves into specials. Heres an easy example:

If you do cr. LP x2, st. LK -> EX Green Hand, it probably won’t come out, because you are chaining the moves together (cancelling them into eachother).

But if you do cr. LP x2, LINK st. LK -> EX Green Hand, it’ll work. To LINK the st. LK, you basically have to wait a little longer before pushing the button. Yeah, it’s unintuitive, but that’s the rule. The same will work for cr. LP x3, you need to wait a bit before pushing the last cr. LP, then cancel it into EX green hand.

Ok thanks, so slightly pause between the last cr. LP, and then quickly input the EX GH :slight_smile:

you know you’re doing it correctly if it all combos at one, and not 2 separate ones.

No offense but you make too many threads on basic combos.

Just try, try again. You should find something that works.

And to make the combo into EX gh easier, hit the shoryuken motion before the lk instead of after.