Help with zip combo



Hi, sorry if i made another thread, but i couldnt find anything on the forums.

after doing super in the corner, i see spencer players pick up with tk wire grapple H, zip df, pause, zip down, wire grapple H xx super. For some reason, I can do it on the right side of the screen, but i keep dropping it on the left side of the screen. Is there any difference between the sides to do this combo? And any tips in general in landing this combo?

Im talking about the combo at the start of the video…

(And inb4 someone says to do the criss cross zip after pickup, I want to learn this combo to be able to do 2 supers after the wire grapple h (AP xx bionic arm, AP xx bionic maneuvers))


The key to doing this consistently is the way you set it up. While you in the bionic manuevers animation, make sure you are holding down on your control/joy stick. Then do the tk notion as soon as the super is finished. Make sure you have a slight delay before you do the df zip as well. From what I understand, you have to basically sj cancel the grapple for it to work. Holding down while the super is going on will prep you and allow you to do the motion quicker; instead of doing the super, moving the stick to a neutral position, then doing the grapple. Try that and let me know.


Is there no question thread? Anyways to clarify with some terms from the response above and to try to answer your problem; you actually want to normal jump the air OTG grapple. The reason you hold down before the super or before you do any TK Grapples is so that your TK is considered a normal jump. If you TK without holding down, the air Grapple will be considered Super Jump and will give you different zip hit stun values which means the opponent will be moved to different heights. Also remember that there is a slight pause in between the two zips. Be sure to go neutral and then go down zip. This ensures you to have clean inputs so that you can see what you’re doing wrong and for better consistency later on when you get used to it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for the help. I didnt hold down during the super, making it a sj grapple instead of normal jump. Its actually really easy now, thank you both for the help