Help your fellow fighting game communities!


Hey SRK, I had an idea…I think that the trade/buy/sell thread is great…I love it actually. My only concern is for the less fortunate but equal players across the entire globe. If you love fighting games as much as I do then you would show full support in the trade for thanks movement. I won’t use the term donate because it wouldn’t be the appropriate term for a trade/buy/sell thread but you guys get where i’m going. Look out for your bros! Sometimes someone’s gratitude is the best trade for an item that you don’t need or use. So do something positive for your community and mine.


Wtf? Not only is your post pointless. You don’t even have 50 posts to create in the TO.


This thread makes me want to donate my fusion synthesis


So ur sayin we should all give our $200+ arcade sticks and $60+ games and all the shit we spent our hard earned money on for free? Excuse me while I LOL!

Lololololololololololololololol that is all, I say good day


Well, we do have a free stuff & hot deals thread. :slight_smile:


My thoughts exactly.

If you cant afford a console, game, and a controller? You really cant afford to travel.
Your just dead weight and I seriously doubt you have anything to offer to any Scene. (Other than being a training dummy and thats free with any game with a training mode)


First of all I will have 50 posts tonight and I will be the first to giveaway a stick…all I have to say about your posts are that there’s no need to be cruel. You guys may not understand charity or just kindness in general. Yes, there is a free stuff and hot deals thread but hot deals are mostly posted…There are ppl that are definitely in need…If you don’t agree with my thread just pass over it and continue but this thread wasn’t meant to attract negativity. You won’t understand unless you have nothing…specifically newbies to fighting games…


There is a big difference between wants & needs…:wink:


yea but not much difference when it comes to fighting games…there’s only wants…but if u can give and help someone financially or whatever…why not?


playing fighting game is for people who can afford it. you are not going to die if you dont get to play video games.


playing fighting games is sort of like smoking cigarettes…just because u cant afford buying cigs doesnt mean u wont want to smoke…giving feels good




They have things called “JOBS”.



If someone cant get off their ass to earn a few dollars to fund a hobby, they sure as hell arent going to grind out a fighting game.


Yo i’ll sell my shit and donate the cash to charity before I just give sticks away to dudes with computers, internet connections and xbox live but “god damn I just can’t afford a stick”.


Jobs are good also…I think you guys are missing the point…if you don’t need or are not using something that could benefit someone else why not give? I wasn’t trying to bait simple selfish “Get your own”… Anyone can say that…but if someone was your personal friend or relative then u might think differently. On the other hand, if you felt the same about this then it just reminds me , you , and everyone else of how cold the fighting game community is…which is sad


Steffa, I commend you…such class. I understand your concern perfectly. kudos


i think it is matter of who has started this thread.

if someone who is well known user in srk has started this thread, then maybe more people would have had positive thought, however you dont even have 50 posts here.


well that is kind of biased…but I can dig that too…thanks for your insight


Great thread djdjw.

You guys need to quit forgetting that you are being provided information by a lot of these less fortunate members. For example, there was a combo in 3s that was regarded as impossible up until recently. Thanks to @telesniper who is mad noob (no offense tele) but took what little time he has on his own (I heard he’s a young student that can’t afford a stick) to figure out every. “angle”. of Makoto’s abare follow up game using his “don’t have a job time”. You guys are just spineless assholes that don’t deal with your own problems so you project them onto other people through variable media. I’m sorry to come in talking nice stuff and then call you assholes but you aren’t exactly understanding very much outside of personal logic, which leads me to wonder why you bothered joining a public forum to talk about your personal vendetta with the world. Often times it’s not even 3rd world prodigal children that need this help, it could just be that shy, introverted but incredibly intelligent kid that can’t relate to his surroundings so he looks for something that can keep him sharp and hopefully help him meet people he can bond with or relate to.

I’m not saying donate 8 sticks or anything but if you have 3 sticks, you can spare something. I have a few games I don’t really play anymore. I’d be willing to donate that, maybe some points so one of these people can download a copy of 3sOE. I wouldn’t be surprised to find more telesniper’s out there.

I’ll admit, though, for a while I thought telesniper was something of a japanese mole. Like:

nihongo: the game is dead there, let it die.
usa: no, there’s still too much to learn.
nihongo: oh yeah? telesniper go! use perfect attack! telesniper completes the makoto square
usa: telesnipah da coolest! unaware of closure spectacle
nihongo: huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehueuhue
dander: HE DOES EXIST! THEY DO EXIST! faints