I love using Dudley, and I do pretty decent with him, but lately, I feel like I have hit a wall and my skills are getting worse because of me getting frustrated.

What is bugging me though is my ability to get in a play games with the opponent, I can’t do the mind games and turtles bug the shit out of me. I would love to play like I have seen GGM play, but it seems so damn far away to be able to mind fuck the opponent like that.

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Also what the hell is the timing on EX-MGB into ducking upper?)



Hey Eternal I’ll try and help you as best i can.

Apparently you say that you’ve hit a wall and your skills are getting worse, can you please elaborate further? What exactly do you feel is getting worse?

As far as hitting a wall, you have to set up a training regime. I know it sounds kind of hard, a regime in a video game? Fuck that!

Take it this way there’s always something you can improve upon, always something you can learn. Especially now since the game is still very new.

If i were you I’d really try and nail the absolute must down to perfection, and by absolute must i mean learn how to combo at least 90% consistently from the overhead. It is absolutely vital, and your game will improve ten fold once you’re able to combo that at will. Also learn how to combo from F+mk which is one of Dudley’s best command normal.

I would suggest reading the One, Two, The End! Dudley Combo Thread it’s a gold mine of useful information combos that you’ll need to learn, from easy to moderate to 1 frame links etc.

After you’re able to combo from Overhead or hit your low target combos, it is then that you can truly start and mess with your opponents in the corner and on wake up. Dudley is a beast because whatever way your opponent blocks there’s a chance for you to combo into a massive amounts of damage and that’s what makes him scary.

Now against Turtle characters, you have to be patient rushing in trying to jumpin’ or use duck excessively will only insure a quick and painful loss, maneuver through the projectiles slowly but surely inching forward with f+mk or standing fierce which stuffs a lot of moves and is one of Dudley’s best normal, once you’re in, it’s time to go all out use your blockstrings i would recommend subscribing to GGM his youtube channel has videos covering option selects and blockstrings which are absolutely devastating and easy to learn.

Get close to your opponent pressure them, hit low, use overhead duck into throw use f+mk, lp, lk an excellent frame trap which works wonders against grapplers. And that’s it you’ve got them.

The timing from EX-MGB into duck upper isn’t hard at all once you see the last hit which launches the opponent into the air you input duck upper it’s pretty easy to do actually. Also i don’t know if you know this but after an EX-MGB you can go into duck straight and ultra from anywhere on the screen, timing is a bit harder to do though.


Basically, as I get more and more frustrated that I am not doing any better, I become more and more predictable. This is probably due to my problems with turtles though, tends to happen more when I fight turtles. It persists and just stays there not going away.


Do u mean crouching lp, lk after the f+mk? or is correct the way you write it?

Once u close the distance what do you do? i mean lets say i come in with cr, lk, cr lp, st rh and its blocked - Do i use command dash after that and just go into another block string like cr lp x2, st mp or something? I know at that point i’m trying to make my opponent guess wrong so i can punish with a nice combo but at what points in my strings should i be worried about reversals or counter pokes at that range? I can’t get my mind over the hump of this aspect of the game… I’m so used to jumping or trying crossups with shotos that this rush down type of offense seems so foreign to me :frowning:


Here’s a video showing exactly the frame trap against grapplers [media=youtube]AYTWKQlO5QQ[/media].

What you do after a blockstring is entirely dependent on what your opponent does. Say he back dashes if you used f+mk HP Jet upper you’ll catch him which will score a knockdown and from that option select you’ll teach your opponent to stop dashing back. If you see him blocking low after a blockstring you immediately use your overhead and combo into whatever you want. If he blocks high use your target combo that hits low and from that you can go into super or mix him up by throwing him or forcing him to block low.

You have to know when to apply pressure and when to lay off, for instance if you see Abel with meter on wake up and you’re very close to him he will EX-TT’ you, it’s entirely depended on how you read what your opponent does and use it against them.


If they’re blocking the lk/lp etc, duck back in and throw. Simples. Dudley wants people to turtle, or start hitting buttons stupidly. Target combos as block strings to create pressure On wake up are great. Then once they’re blocking all the time, throw/overhead/… KO!

The hard thing is getting in and getting the knockdown. If constant rushdown is isn’t your thing, take it very slowly at the start if the round, absorbing fireballs a bit, watching for bad spacing to punish with ducking straight or Hp, or a surprise/psychic jumpin into a knockdown combo-, HK, exMGB, ducking straight, ultra/super? Or j. Hk, fwd.lp, (a target combo!) hp jet upper is the combo to use at furthest range. or it might be MP jet upper at the end- I think that has slightly more range?

Edit- yes, use MP Jet upper. HP sometimes misses.


In GGM’s guide it’s j.HP, f.lp, HP Jet Upper, but that’d probably work just the same.




followed by


Then ask alcarion very nicely what his training regime is and if he’ll share it with you so you can get your timing correct on links etc.

Learn to be more patient to get in.

Watch GGMs videos.



I am by no means a fantastic dudley player and in ranked i fight mostly B and C’s. Occasionally I come across those Shoto players that just run away throwing fireballs. If this is the type of turtler you are talking about. A few things to remember.

  1. Dudley has alot of stamina and alot of power. A few hits here or there will not really effect you.

  2. Patience, Patience, Patience.

For me, what I usually like to do is get in close…not even all the way. just enough to make them paranoid and attack you. Then you get in a few hits or a throw. Just do this enough times to get a life lead on your opponent… Then sit back. lol. No need to chase after that. Now its their turn to come to you. And with your life and strength it usually puts the round in your favor. Let them throw fireballs all day… Dudley has a great low jump and of course he has his ducking under. Take that Dudley turtle time to hone your fireball dodging skills. Especially with that ducking under. It builds meter and with different distances you can throw your opponent off guard. Get just a bit too close and you can hit them with a ducking under to punch.

Sometimes (as bad as this might be) If the shoto isnt as consistant with his fireballs… sometimes SOMETIMES you can catch em with a cross screen EX MGB. Not a good habit to get into though. A good test though would be to taunt, and see if they taunt back… if they do… Free EX MGB. :slight_smile:

There is nothing better than having a fireball tossing shoto that just runs, end up realizing that he has less life than you and the clock is ticking.

Of course this only works for the not so experienced opponents…but then again if you are dealing with turtling shotos they probably arent that experienced to begin with.


Just work : Cr.lp->S.HK,
and there is no “real” timing for Ex.MGB->DuckUpper
But Ex.MGB->MK.DuckUpper combo whiff on Dhalsim, E. Honda, El.Fuerte, Guile, Dicta and Gief


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