Aight this is my first post on shoryuken, but here it ges

I’m not too great at this game. I can win when I play somebody normal, but I keep coming across spamming Ken players on PS3 like Bustila. All they do is pick nothing but Ken and dragon punch and hadoken, and it seems like they have a counter for everything. I use Blanka (I try not to until people spam) btw. Where can I find a cheat guide where I can learn cross ups, and how to reverse everything.

And also, how do I do one button special moves. It seems like these homos are pressing one button for dragon punch. It is physically impossible to dragonpunch as fast as they do. Ain’t no way, I refuse to believe it. Also I use the regular ps3 controller, do you think that it is hindering my performance. Thanks for the feedback