Aight this is my first post on shoryuken, but here it ges

I’m not too great at this game. I can win when I play somebody normal, but I keep coming across spamming Ken players on PS3 like Bustila. All they do is pick nothing but Ken and dragon punch and hadoken, and it seems like they have a counter for everything. I use Blanka (I try not to until people spam) btw. Where can I find a cheat guide where I can learn cross ups, and how to reverse everything.

And also, how do I do one button special moves. It seems like these homos are pressing one button for dragon punch. It is physically impossible to dragonpunch as fast as they do. Ain’t no way, I refuse to believe it. Also I use the regular ps3 controller, do you think that it is hindering my performance. Thanks for the feedback

Well as Blanka, you can jump at them with light kick and follow up with a grab, rinse and repeat. As for how to reverse, just time a vertical ball as you get up.

If you want to do one button special moves, you can google that on your own. It is possible to dragon punch/hadoken/any special move quickly. All you do is just input the motion as your special move is being performed and hit the punch/kick button.

What you don’t see is them pumping the dragon punch motion right.

they are guessing that you will do something, and doing the motion, and by the time you do it, they are ready to dragon punch

Na, jump light kick is no match for the dragon punch. The dragon punch gets through everything…I mean EVERYTHING. These mo fos do it so quickly, it don’t make sense. I try to throw his beast slide in every now and then and it helps, but there are mofo’s that can even dragon punch through this…it’s annoying. 75% of people on the game Ken spam, I can beat a good 50% of that 75%, but some people are too quick with him…

After you get a knock down on ken, You can beast slide on the ground (just outside of sweep position). This will result in another knock down and cancel out the srk dragon punch before it comes out. it works about 50-75% of the time, given lag delays and hit box position. This is the best way to deal with scrub kens who spam srks all day. It won’t work against seasoned Ken players though.


Mtaylo, you’re a joke. You’re nothing but a ragequitter and hatemailer. When I dp, you say it’s cheating. When I zone you with fireballs, you say it’s cheating. When I cross you up into short-short-super, you say it’s cheating…

What you need to learn is to get around zoning. Jumping on my fireballs over and over again and then sending hate mail afterwards is lame. And you jump-in too much. I don’t spam, I just react to your jump-ins and punish accordingly.

Also, when you do get in, stop trying to tick throw EVERY SINGLE time. You’re way too predictable.

If you really want to get better, next time, just return the “ggs” and refrain from the hate mailing. Learn from your losses, and stop repeating your mistakes over and over again.

I suggest playing SFIV instead. Judging by your attitude, this isn’t the game for you. Also try posting in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo thread, you are more likely to find sympathetic people there.

I would suggest watching sfdojo videos of good players and learning something from it. This is one of the best Ken players vs one of the best Blanka players:

Aniken (Ken) vs Komoda (Blanka)


this is not a good example, that ken is not throwing any fireballs, and also he is not doing the dragon punch enough…I can beat ken’s like this easy, fagstila aka daveappen is far different from the one show above. He hadokens all day from the corner and dragon punches, it is ridiculous. This dude picks nothing but Ken. I played dude like 22 times in a row and he used ken every single time. That’s just gay, you have to admit it.

We meet again. I told you that you were a virgin street fighter nerd. Hiding out in street fighter forums and memorizing the Ken section of strategy guides. You even have the “lingo” to match (cross up, short-short super, zone, ragequitter, hatemailer). You a freaking dork just like I figured. Funny how the minute I mention your name, your girly behind pop’s up. You need to get a job or something, you can’t live in your moms basement forever loser.

Wow how do you say you don’t spam when you throw fire balls over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Btw, Blanka is 99% tick throw, I’m not sure what your talking about. There isn’t much else to do…

Na, I hate SF IV with a passion. Just a bunch of losers turtling, It’s so annoying…

LOL at you saying you can beat a Ken like Aniken’s easily. Stop being such a scrub.

I zone you because you’re easy to zone. When I come in and cross you up or mix you up with meaty attacks or throws/knee-bashes, you also say it’s cheap. Seriously, learn the game instead of being such a bitch…

Oh and also beat you with Honda, Cammy, Gief, and Claw…

mtaylo, I suggest reading this. It’s what will help you most.

what the fuck is a meaty, speak english mafucka…

It’s what your mom and sister ask from me every night.

It’s what your mom and sister ask from me every night.

I wish we had mods on this section.

Agree. Someone delete this thread.

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Guys, I know I might have sounded pretty blunt in my last post, but as you can see, it panned out exactly as I thought it would. This guy isn’t ready yet for matchup advice and needs to address core issues he has, eg. recognising good zoning as spamming. Once he realises the reason why the other guy is throwing fireballs and the frequency of them, then he will be ready to figure out how to get round them.

Right now he just wants to vent and call people spammers and the whole concept is just lost on him right now.

The first step to improving is to stop complaining and try to deal with things. Often you will take damage trying to get into your prime positon, it’s part of the struggle of you trying to get in and them trying to keep you out.