I need the 2rd strike bios file because it seems to have been deleted from existance.
Do any of you have a website that still has it

  1. What’s 2rd strike

  2. On that page where you agreed during registration to the following rules there was:

Rule 12. Do NOT discuss anything illegal. This includes roms, emulation(do not ask for help on obtaining roms or getting them to work), mod chips, pirated games, etc. Also talking about where or how to do it, is also prohibited. Those threads WILL be closed without notice, and/or the violator may be banned.

I thought most people used MAME with GGPO anyway?

Is that 2rd Strike thing just an attemp at being an asshole. It was obviously a typo.

I know where you can get it… buy a 3S cabinet (or just the board) and rip it from that.

That said, piracy is bad, mmkay?

I didn’t know that something that never existed could be “deleted from existence”.
that being said, I think you’re looking for the CPS3 bios, or the 3rd Strike ROM.
The only way I can recommend that you obtaining these is by purchasing a CPS3 kit with 3rd strike, and dumping the software.
Have fun with the Security on the board!