this is the PCB that i am trying to put into a custom stick. it was a wired PS3 controller that i bought from eb games. was wondering if anybody could help me with the soldering process. i was just wondering where i should solder. can anybody please help?

We need cleaner Higher res pictures to be able to take a guess. Learn how to follow traces and recognize that connected copper pads are usually the common ground side, assuming your PCB is common ground and not common line. If the PCB is common ground, you can take a multimeter to sniff out what side of each button is ground and what is signal. If it is not common ground then you need to hook up both of each side of the contacts to a button.

here maybe these better resolution pictures will help u guys out. can anybody tell me if this is common ground plz? and where is the common ground?


nobody can help a brother out? :frowning: