I just started playing UMVC3 after watching the online matches on which motivated me to start playing. But i have no idea what im doing. i try to go on youtube to learn some stuff but its just not helping, well it sort of is… but only to some extent. i would just like to learn simple combos and what i should do because i would really like to get into the FGC. thanks. my gamertag is KILLUPUNK, please add me.

pick wesker

Just pick characters that you like from other games/comics or ones that look funny. Go into Training mode, press some buttons, go here. Press some more buttons.

You should start right here on these forums.

Look around, find some threads and absorb all the information you can. Learning all the teminology (technology, bnbs, QCF, OTGS, ect.) will really help you out in the long run. Make some friends on here, people who are willing to help you get better in some lobbies. Most importantly though:

I cannot stress this point enough. Pick a team you like, stick with them, and train train train and then train some more. Complete all your character’s missions, and again, SPEND HOURS IN THE TRAINING ROOM. Keep practicing your basic ABC combos(For Xbox, the input is Ground: X-Y-B-Launch into Air: Y-Y-B-Launch) until the only way you can fuck them up is due to terrible lag. And even so, there is a lag simulator option that will help you out with that.

I’m more than willing to play with you over Xbox and give you a few pointers. If you’d like, the Gamertag is oO Paradox.

And don’t even go into Ranked Matches, you’ll only come out salty. Just focus all of your time to mastering your team in the training room, and if you feel up to it just stick to player matches. Grinding is NOT going to help you get better.

check the tournament section and see if there are any tourny’s in your area. go play some matches with people there in casuals. you don’t have to enter the tourny if you don 't want. but that helps as well, online to offline is night and day. online is fine but it isn’t always the best option in terms of learning, people online are dicks and will do whatever to win, half the stuff you see people do online if not more you won’t see them do live and in person

this, although that’s usually because there’s a ton of tactics that work amazingly well online, but get punished all day long offline. if you’re going to play online, do your best to recognize the difference between the tactics that work regardless, and ones that only thrive in online lagfests.

set your stick up and learn basic combos the most basic IMO is shoruken metsu hadoken.

Getting better at a game is a long incremental process.

Follow oOParadox’s advice. Tournaments/offline casuals would help if you could find them. Look for your area in the matchmaking forum.

I found that i had the most improvement when i just learned extensive combos. How i got started was (after i chose my killer 3) i went into challenge mode for each and every one of my characters. Those challenge modes contain the fundamental roots for your BnB combos. Practice practice practice those combos like theres no tomorrow. Even if you get the combo down once, keep doing it until you have it downpact. After you complete a good amount of combos on challenge mode, go on youtube and check out some combos that people are doing. Those combos will probably be a lot easier to do since you know how to do the fundamental challenge mode combos that they’re based on. That’s really how i got my start. Basically, start with challenge mode.

EDIT: or mission mode, whatever it’s called.