Sooo. Im new to cody and i think i got the basics down. Aside from the fact that i suck on s stick, i cant seem to get any offense going. I have no strategies what soever. Hellllllllllllp!


This is not the best way to start a thread, honestly. Be more specific! Where should we start?

Besides, there are lots of threads, videos, articles, and other sources of info already posted… Try perusing those to get a better idea of the info you need.

Edit: As for offense, Cody has some great frame traps. One of the keys to developing a good offense with Cody is applying pressure with frame traps. You’ll want to get to know his light attacks, close MP, close HP, and towards MP! Go here for frame data:

But offense is a broad topic, so you might want to check out the Cody beginner’s guide here.