just started to use zangief in k-groove,need lots i i mean lots of help i just started to play cap vs snk.

PPP Lariat has upper body invincibility and is good as deep anti-air.

KKK Lariat has lower body invincibility and is good for hitting opponent’s limbs.

Jab 360+P has 107 (!) pixels of range and zero frame startup. Just so you know, most normal punch grabs in the game only have 52 pixel range and three frame startup.

Set the forum to “show all threads from beginning” if you want to learn about a character.

use short hop fierce and medium kick. both are pretty good at getting in to grabbing range. also, his standing and crouching fierce punch make for pretty good long range pokes. crouching medium punch and standing light punch work as anti-air. don’t try to jd into 360 too much. it gets old and is escapable a lot of the time.

master his grab super. and i don’t mean just jump in and mash 360. practice until you can walk up and do it. it’s pretty difficult to learn but it’ll make landing it much easier.

also, when raged, it’s pretty difficult to even get close enough to land a 360 super. if anything, try remembering that your opponent will try to keep you away and punish their missed attacks with standing fierce punch. and don’t forget to use his air grab super against opponents that try to jump away when you’re in close. it hurts a lot. :evil:

i hope that helps a little.

almost forgot, his air grab super will grab specials where the opponent is otg. blanka ball, hurricane kick, all kinds of stuff. you’ll have to play it by ear on that one.

OTG means something else. Stop confusing people and just say “in the air” or “airborne” instead. :lol:

JD, zero frame 360+P is inescapable last time I checked. Do you mean something like… Ryu d.HP, (Zangief JDs, tries 360), Ryu d.HP canceled into Level 3 super? Really gotta flat out guess on that way to escape a JD, 360 attempt.

tahnks for the help y’all,how should i go about tryin’ to practice his grab???

For K, you could lay the heat on by pushing out to your Fierce range (jabs->forward-> pause -> fierce) throw down a banishing fist and bait a jump-in (super!). Your overall push is great with Zan.

Jumping roundhouse owns tall characters, combo it to a forward.

to kcjx: it’s happened to me several billion times in casual play. someone will jump in, i’ll jd and go for 360, and get dp’ed, or supered, or cc’ed, and i’ll say to myself, i knew it! maybe it depends on what attack is coming in but i know it isn’t fool proof. that’s why i say it gets old quick. all my friends know what’s coming so they’ll take steps to burn me.

i don’t know why the hell i wrote otg. :confused:

and btw, after a missed shoryuken, i use his air grab super. zero chance of screwing the pooch.

to r2d2: i’m not trying to be a smart ass but just practice. go to training, pick a dummy and just grab that b*tch until you can do it as easily as a fireball. practice the 360 first. then try the 720. if you can’t get it, you could always tick into it but that doesn’t work consistently well as it’s pretty obvious. i don’t know if there’s any shortcuts or anything for the input. maybe someone else does?

yea i’ve been going into training & practicing the 360 times i can get it down to where i can do the 360while standing but when it comes to the arcade i start to have trouble.its kinda funny cuz when i’m in the arcade i can do the 360when i’m in trouble.well thanks for the help

are you practicing on a pad or do you have a stick? if you’re practicing on a pad, it kind of defeats the purpose. besides, i find it much easier on a stick.

Don’t JD when somebody jumps in… ever. Anti-air him instead. You have a excellent d.MP that lasts for 12 (!) frames, has an invincible fist, and is listed in the CvS2 book as one of Zangief’s best moves. Deep punch lariat will also anti-air ANYTHING in the game. No wonder your JD, 360 is getting old. You’re doing it all wrong. Any jump-in attack that you block (or JD in this case) still gives the opponent heavy frame advantage, so against anti-air JD, 360 is the very last thing I would do with K-Zangief.

Even in P-groove. Parry, lariat is still Zangief’s best anti-air. Not parry, 360.

The reason I think flashmetroid is funny because he’s always trying stupid stuff like that. Anti-air dodge, mash 360 is too much… :lol:

Don’t be ghetto by punishing uppercuts with anti-air super either. Take the most damage you can get and do run up whiff db+LK/MK, 720 instead.

I hope you’re playing on a stick…

Just do a 270 or 225 on the joystick instead (ie. press punch when you’re at up or upback.)

Run up, jab 360 grab from like half screen away is K-Zangief’s best thing. You should practice that a lot.

db+HK is a 7 frame sweep that gives +1 on the block. That is ridiculously, ridiculously good. Try run up, jab 360 after a blocked db+HK as one of your beginner grab setups. After c.LP’s (+5 advantage) is really good too.

Otherwise, just do 360 punch grabs when they’re guaranteed. For example: after a ground JD, after blocking Bison 2-hit scissors kick, or after blocking Chun-li’s charge d, u+K move.

to kcxj: i definately agree. that’s what i’m saying. jd 360 isn’t that great.

as for the ghettoness , it’s effective and i won’t cag it in a clutch. i try to play it safe. especially when i know i can very easily take away a big percentage of a characters life. i’m confident i can 720, but i’m human and mess up sometimes. besides, i’d rather not miss the super and have to start all over trying to build bar and set up an opponent again.

i gotta ask you again though. how do you know flash? if you’ve played him in cvs2, then you know the insanity. :lol:

to r2d2: the greatest tip for learning 360 and 720 commands: don’t just twirl the stick and hit punch! that’s not practicing it. try to not get into that scrubby ass tactic. if you do, you’ll only be able to use it on wake up. and you’re zangief will suck. and he will cry into the pillow everytime he gets his ass pounded. since you’re still learning, and i assume the people you play with are too, use the tick method.

I didn’t say JD, 360 isn’t that great.

Anti-air JD, 360 isn’t that great. In fact, it’s terrible. I would never use JD as anti-air was the whole point of my post.

Ground JD, 360 on the other hand >> Jesus. Zangief can JD a jab (!) and take a free 360 after. Ground JD, 360 is the best reason to play K-Zangief in the first place.

I find that hard to believe. There must be some situations where he recovers first?. I’m not saying it’s DA BOMB, but you can’t always use AAs, and I don’t think they ALWAYS get advantage after you JD their jump-in. (or do they?)

You’re right about the lariat and stuff, if he can do it he probably should. But what if he can’t do a deep lariat? What if the opponent is using a funny straight down attack or something so he can’t do it deep? What if his opponent is looking to CC through his anti-air? If you can’t AA, you might as well JD right?

The obvious answer to his problem is just to NOT SPD everytime he does AA JD. He’s being predictable and his opponents are punishing him for it. He’s not mixing it up enough… they KNOW he’ll JD everytime when they jump so they attack deep (he could probably use another AA instead). They KNOW he’s going to SPD (when he shouldn’t because it was deep) so they hit it. If he just blocked the super/DP/whatver he could probably punish it.

exactly. i’m not saying jd 360 doesn’t have it’s uses. i probably should have been more specific and said using that tactic against jump ins isn’t safe.

also, i think it’s difficult to stay fresh and unpredictable with zangief. he’s fun and effective, but he has a real lack of mobility. even with run he’s slow. patience is the name of the game with him.

i have a question of my own. is gief more suited towards turtling or playing aggressively? i personally feel i have to always be on the offensive. i’m always moving forward, short hopping, and jd pokes just to keep my opponent in a defensive frame of mind.

I watched that Xbox Live scrub Japanese player, on the site with the latest Otaku vids, JD with Kyo everytime he should of did HP oniyaki instead is all I know.

If the opponent has CC meter and jumps in, I would play like I would in C-groove and jump back at the last minute, air defense instead. Either that or just jump back early, stick out an air attack. I wouldn’t try to ground JD at all, as the opponent can still decide to go high or low when he does random jump in, activate. Bison especially. When Bison jumps over your head, then activates as he falls, he can still either do cross-up j.HK or wait until he hits the ground to do 4 frame d.MK instead.

I would play K-Gief aggressively. Once you have Sagat cornered, stand at the magic distance and stick out far s.MKs all day. Have Sagat try to stick out any normal attacks. Try it in training mode. It’s cool.

my god. it actually works. i can’t believe gief actually has a tactic that can be used against sagat. :lol: