here’s the deal. i’m running a charity food drive called "halos for hunger"
the following image is something i drew, and will be on the t shirts. i need a GREAT color job, and that’s not my strongest point.
i’m looking for something in the style of penny arcade…or anything else i guess.

he’s holding a canned good of your choice.
i would like the green master, but wouldn’t mind alternate colors.
if i use your color job i will make sure you get a shirt.

anyone game?

Not to get your hopes up but…

Hitshiro might be able to color it for you. He said he liked to color other people’s art. So I guess you can look out for him, I would help but my coloring is boo-boo

who is this you speak of?

my shitty attempt so far…

please…someone can do better than this!!!

ok this is the absoulte best i can do…
someone else want a crack at it? i think mine is ok, but i know people in here are much better.

How soon do you need it? If the timeframe is not too short, I will hook you up.

PS- If I did it, I would want to re-trace the lines to clean them up.

yeah no hard date…do whatever you want.

aww Deonysios ur so kind, sorry i havent visted the boards lately, sorry about jumpin on that gaara pic u were coloring Deonysios, im kinda packed with coloring right now, im coloring a whole naruto manga chapter just for kicks, and i still have to do my sf fanart for the summer theme, chainwhore is at the job, he’s way better than me at coloring

Shit thank you for reminding me

Aw forget about that Gara thing, its all good. I dont like coloring with that damn mouse anywayz. I like to forgot about that SF contest. Im bout done drawing though.


Have a little faith, d00d. :stuck_out_tongue: If you wanted it by a certain date, you could have given me a date when I asked. It’s all good though ^___^