i’ve played this game for a while thinking that i was good. then i faced some real players and i got owned. people often tell me that i usually lose since i only fight with 2 people. i play real well as ryu and sagat (N-groove) but i dont know who to use for a third character. any tips anyone can give me?

<i>i play real well as ryu and sagat (N-groove)</i>
Are you sure? If you’re getting owned instead of just beaten, that’s a pretty bad sign.
It also helps if you tell us about which characters you’d possibly be interested in…

well owned may be an exaggeration. but im looking for a character that has a decent projectile and anti-air.

n groove? play blanka, hes solid and i think hes considered his best in n groove.

theoretically, blanka should be best in N-groove, but in real life he’s best in A-groove. guile has good AA’s and projectiles, but he’s not too hot in N-groove. iori, blanka, shotos, yamazaki, hibiki, chun li, etc do well in N-groove.


N-blanka > A-Sak.

A-sak > the whole cast.

of course this is on paper.

it will soon change… :slight_smile:

N-groove Terry is extreamly good. Check out my longass perfect N-groove Terry guide.

I use N Terry and he certainly shouldnt be underestimated. Hes lots of fun too. Just check out the thread. My post is at the bottom.

Terry seems to be working for me :slight_smile: i just need to develop some combos with him and eventually he can be used pretty well. thanks for all your help.

No problem man :slight_smile: but if your looking for combos just look over the link I posted. EVERYTHING you need to know about combos is on there. His N-groove combos do Damage like no other. He’s just too good on N-groove to overlook.

Glad I can help. :smiley: