Ok so a while ago I made A post because the X button on my HoriEX2 broke so some people told me to mod it or buy a new one…so I bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX spent 150 dollars on It and guess what no lie 3 days later the X button stops working…SO I obviously Have no luck with these things…so I need advice Should I really waste more money and buy another Stick or Is there a way to mod/fix theses or a person/place that can help me cause im like spazing right now

With the HRAP EX, you can just open up the case and replace the buttons with Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. Follow the guide in my signature on the HRAP2. Its the same process.

As for your Hori EX2, you need a metal file/dremel + skill with a soldering iron to replace the button.

Yea thanks for the advice man quick question tho will it actually solve my broken X button problem in case maybe its something on the inside of the HRAP EX and whats the difference between sanwa and seimitsu cause sometimes i think maybe im hitting it too hard or something idk

Hori buttons are notorious for breaking. It’s usually somewhat rare for the PCB to get damaged somehow.

The difference between Sanwa and Seimitsu is the feel. Sanwa buttons are more sensitive. It requires very little effort to press them. you might find yourself accidentally pressing buttons every now and then when you first start playing with them.

As for Seimitsu, they require a little bit more effort to press, but not by much. Also, the Seimitsu PS-14-G (snap-ins) are not convex, but flat, so if you’re going to buy Seimitsus, I would recommend getting the screw-in versions (PS-14-GN)