Help! ; ;

Ok, I have been going around reading all of the topics about chun. So far It is all a forign language to me. So, I know I can find everything I need somewhere, but if you dont want to tell me how to do the stuff, at least tell me where to look. I will also need defenitions of what all the stuff means. Thanks.

I am not sure. I would just look at the kara throw article and master that. Then, I would work on poke strings and some small combos. After you perfect that, just try and apply it to human fights.

I guess you are abit like me at the start, but the way i learned most of chunlis stuff is by looking at combo videos and looking at what mind games the players are using and the way each reacts to a move. so try getting some combo videos.

Combo videos wtf… its chun-li what combos. You need to watch actual match vids if thats what there talking about so you can see what moves to use and not abuse at the right times.

Oh yeah and into super 100% safety.

I got your combo video…It involves cmk into super and back and FP into super

I think the jap version has cfp into super…past that is just too crazy