I am trying to main Akuma. I just got my arcade stick today and it works great. Took me a while to learn and I got all the buttons memorized now without having to look down and stuff. My friend and I have been versing eachother for about 8 hours now and finally I can beat him most of the time.

But whenever I go online I just cannot do well! Anyone think that it’s cuz I am so new at the stick? or my akuma skills are lacking? or what from personal experience.:crybaby:


could be both. Then there’s the fact it’s online. Can’t take it serious as where you stand skillwise.

Akuma is somewhat of a learning curve anyway since you generally want to stay on top of your opponent and have them guessing, yet your stamina is like a little girl. I assuming it’s SF4 akuma?

  1. It seems like you are trying to main Akuma in SF4…but haven’t mastered him yet. Head to the Akuma forumsand read up on thread about his moves.
  2. Don’t expect to master the arcade stick overnight…keep playing until you well vesed with your character.
  3. I doubt playing online is an issue…unless you are deaing with lag.


Yeah. I mean it’s pissing me off quite a bit. I can win like 1/10 online and there is no lag. I used to be pro at Sakura when this game first came out but now I sux with her lol. and I have tried going to that akuma thread but nothing makes sense to me.


Adjusting to a new charcter takes time man…even more if you are also trying to adjust to stick as well.
I’d say hit the training mode, learn the moves, and spar with the CPU.

Maybe do Akuma trials once you got a feel for the arcade stick.


Haha not really sure how to “train”


Probably your not as good as you might think… but you can get better… going to the Akuma thread is a good step, but if you are having trouble understanding the info there, then maybe you are missing some basic knowledge about fighting games in general or SF4 in particular.

A good bet might be to start off by reading on on this topic

It covers mostly all of the lingo and notations you might need to know about fighting games…
After that it might be easier to understand the Akuma thread.

Also another good idea might be to ask more specific questions.
When you post and most importantly when you are playing.

When posting be very thourough on the info you give, mention what are you having trouble with specificly, is it a specific character, a specific move, a type of gameplay used by your oponent stuff like that.

When playing also ask yourself what are you doing wrong, maybe your jumping to much and getting anti-aired because of it, maybe your pressing to many buttons and getting punished from it, etc.

Also about the stick, it literally takes weeks if not months to get used to a stick, if your talking about doing hadokens and shoryus on stick is something but nailing the combos and more complex imputs consistently might be a tad more taxing to learn on a single afternoon, specially never having played on a stick before.

Last advice, be patiente you won’t a “pro” from night to day it take a while… and even then you might not be that amazing, it all depends on the amount of time you put on the game and in training to get better. Also read a lot, you will start to see that most of your doubts about the game(s) have allready been asked by other members before, and believe me its a lot easier to read something then posting a vague question and hoping that someone awnsers it and even better gets you the right awnser.


Additionally you have to realize you’re at the point in this game’s online life cycle where most people already know what they’re doing. Imagine a year into Counter Strike or BF2, at that point a new player is just at more of a disadvantage. Further in a fighting game because it is mainly about skill and knowledge. Since you don’t know most of what you’re doing it’s a safe bet to say most people you’re playing may know Akuma’s ins and outs better than you.

As for training, just look at the useful combos (anything labeled bnb) and learn them. It will be hard if you’re not used to fighting games, and it will be harder to reliably pull them off online, and even harder to know when to use them. Though you’ll get to a point where you should start winning more matches before you know it.


Ya I understand most the stuff from this thread. the things I don’t know are kind of a lot to take in at once though. But ya I have tried some of the trials where you have to do combos and they are hard. Like the hardest thing to do is FADC cancel dash then heavy punch. I am not sure how to get that heavy punch off in time