Helpful tips?

anyone have any tips on how to stay calm or something to easily land a 123xx combo? only easy one for me is either shoulderxx or MP,HPpalmxx idk why 123 is so different for me

There are some ways that make it easier, but the hardest thing, is that when you input the GJ command (236236+P), sometimes you perform it, but only 2323 is registered, causing a shoulder to come out.

-As a pad user, I learned by starting one QCF after the lk, another during the mp, and pressing another punch (usually lp, to combo a shoulder to GJ if it’s needed)
-The chain allows a little lag between the lk and mp, giving plenty of time to do a calm QCFx2
-Normal way works too, but your motion need to be flawless, and some players assure that by doing HCF, QCF+P or as one would do after a mk launcher (2362369+P, I use this one mostly)
-Drumming two buttons (in pad case) is good to confirm the motion as well

but, I could use some tips for arcade stick too…the only reason I didn’t trade pad to stick yet is the 123GJ, that I can’t get consistently yet… (Kara palms in arcade stick are so much safer to do…)

123xx is still pretty hard to do without the shoulder… and even after LP shoulder a MP to HP to F.HP(?) is pretty wicked to do.

kara palms are way dangerous to do either way, i just stick to improvising.

i used to have the same problem… but in all honesty, as I kept playing yun, I guess my fingers got quicker, and after a while, when I went back to trying 123 x gj, I could do it without a problem.

I used to just do 123 x lp shoulder, and by all means its fine to do.

lol honestly, just play a lot and do it over and over again. it’ll come :wink:

Then stop and take a few days break from Yun or 3s in general.

I’m serious.

Another way to pull off 123xx which I used to do is to negative edge the strong into GJ. so you would do jab, short, strong, but hold down strong (do not release it), input the 2 qcf then release strong. Genei Jin should then come out.


:lp:, :lk:, :mp: (hold), :qcf:, :qcf:, release :mp:


I’ve been having trouble doing 123 activate ever since I started playing on stick. This is a very helpful method, but I still haven’t been able to get it. I’m not sure if I’m holding onto mp too long or if I’m having difficulty getting the qcf motions quick enough or do em properly.

I’ll keep practicing but would there be a helpful way of positioning my hand on the stick and/or buttons when I wanna combo that? Thx.

The mp should be released immediately after you input the last qcf. In regards to hand position, all I can say is whatever is comfortable for you. There’s not really any trick to it. I input 123 with my index, thumb, and middle fingers respectively, and hold/release mp with the middle finger.

Other than that, all I can say is practice! GL

Cool, thx for the help! :bgrin:


UPDATE: trippy, I finally got it to work. It turns out that I was letting go of MP a second too late, but I got it. I’ll keep workin at it to get some consistency and continue until it’s just no prob for me.

Thx again for your help. Appreciate it. :clap:

:tup: Glad to hear it