Helping a newbie


So there’s this guy I’ve met online that can’t play Fighters for shit. And I’m trying to help him out and stuff.
The problem is, he can’t even grasp the concept of BLOCKING! He recently bought TvC and wanted to play him online, as I prefer playing online with, hum… “acquaintances”. (I know, I know, as no life as ever!)

But anyway, how the hell can do I this? He can’t do a simple BLOCK! He can’t beat yami due to not being able to block anything… And he does not understand the concept of holding backwards when an attack comes in. He says that it does not work. What am I supposed to tell him in order for him to understand such a simple thing?


Tell him he is wrong. :coffee:


is he a smash player?


Unfortunately, I did.

You’ve got it man!
I used to be a Smash Player too. Thankfully, I’ve come to realize how stupid it was…



I got it. I should’ve posted over there.


Tell him if he can’t grasp the concept of blocking then just give up. Because a retard could do it.