Helping locating cvs2 videos

really, sorry if this is mentioned somewhere, but its like 5 in the morning…

anyway, does anyone know where i can get the rest of djb13’s tutorial vids apart from the ones from combovideos?

id just like to have them for collections sake and for viewing.

also, since ive created this thread,

what is a good way of doing CC’s like sakuras shoshoso stuff without cancelling into a fireball or a super prematurely? thank you.

all help will be appreciated.

As Smoothcat told me practice practice practice. Took me 2 hours to get the sho sho sho motion down then you just have to input a super.

Either you do it the dp motion, where you just do dps or you can do the buffered method, where you just do a qcf motion but you must stick the stick (or pad) onto the side you’re doing the qcf. For example, if you’re doing the qcf motion, you just keep on doing the qcf without letting it move back to neutral.

Thats what I do.

there’s a kazillion threads for both questions. read the rules and use the search function