Helping out a SF3 scrub

Ive just decided to do this based on my strengths and weaknesses to help determine who my main character would be. My friends all have their mains, but i have been playing for a while and just want to settle on one character, and was hoping for some advice

**Style: I mostly enjoy getting inside my opponents head, but will attempt to form my style to my opponent. I will take risks, but only if i know i cant be punished too hard for doing so. I prefer to take the linear approach and attempt to force my opponent to think on the fly and make them trip over themselves. If their minds not in the right place, their game wont be either. I like to leave my opponent with no good options, bait their only option out and punish them for trying to think without my say so.

Character preferences: I prefer average stamina characters that are kind of a ‘mixed bag’ type and can apply mindgames well, leaving me solid options no matter the adversary. I lean away from low health characters mainly because i sometimes let that fact cloud my head and realize i cant make too many mistakes.
When i first touch a game, i usually go for the female cast, or the most stylistic looking. I like characters that allow me to get creative with their combos, but not too combo heavy, because there is usually a sizable drawback im not comfortable with. i usually dont go for big characters, because i immediately think how easy they are to hit and combo on. As long as i feel comfortable and know i can play the game i want to play, that character is the one for me.

Strengths: Reading, footsies, baiting a certain situation, meter control and positioning.

Weaknesses: offensive strategies. I tend to repeat myself often. If i lose total control of a situation, ill back my self into a corner. overthinking one situation.
Dont take unfamiliar risks. Heavy rushdown can give me a problem, but sometimes i can get an early read and stop their thought process. And my last and i think my worst weakness: Punishing.**

Chun Li or Ken. Perform knock down mix ups, cross ups, and learn different block string and punishing combos. You use the same punish just with slight variations (cross up, fake cross up, foward, jab, etc). Their combos are simplistic and they are adaptable to nearly any situation.

^ This

Also to help tighten up your weaknesses… put your brain on autopilot in your matches and examine the decisions you make… you can’t really think beyond a subconscious level when playing anyway… the more you get used to playing, the more thought you can put into what you do… thinking to much puts you in trouble…

I do some stupid shit at first in a game I’m unfamiliar with, and I tighten it up my game by messing around in training mode, usually I practice shit I was unable to do under pressure in a match because it wasn’t well ingrained in my muscle memory…

Take unfamiliar risks in matches if you think you have a somewhat fair shot at doing it, because the more you do it, the more you’ll be able to do it in future matches…

If you’re not familiar with baiting moves, you need to get familiar… to punish moves, know the effective distances at what your opponent can do certain things and whether they are safe or not… if something looks like it can be punished and you were just unable to capitalize on it, then you should try punishing it if you see it some other time, and even if you screw up, you can only improve…

/wall of text…

Most people will probably say you’re describing Chun or Ken I guess. I’d say give Ryu a try. Elena and Oro both have neat combos that are mostly pretty simple and have pretty interesting decisions when it comes to meter! Good kara grabs on those two make the mixing up element a little more fun too. They both have great normals to work with for footsies and mind games!

My vote is for Ryu.

He is an unassuming beast of a character in 3S. People at first think his mix-up is “too basic” or “unimaginative,” but my experience against good players taught me that “too basic” can be upgraded with experience and “unimaginative” is solely a quality of the player and not the character.

Try him out.

Search them in the 3S video thread and then look up on YouTube:

Try everyone. Do all their bnb combos. When you have some idea who is fun to play then spend time learning their normals and go from there.
Also, you can’t accurately describe your own strengths.

Ask what other people think you need to work on and do that while spending time with all the characters. That’s really the only way. Exploration and determination.

this isn’t really something someone can help you with. You just have to pick a character and decide to play that character. All the stats are there to be read; none of it matters. You have to want to play that character and 3S.

HAha is this a RPG? You do not have to level ken to level 60 to know if his playstyle is right for you or not. Just play the game and try all the characters and see which of them you like.

Thank all of you for your help :slight_smile:

i find that ryu is a great start. has been for 25 years.