Helping the fighting game community grow


I was arguing with a friend that having more tournaments with larger prizes pools and players earning salaries would help the fighting game community. He kept saying that the fighting game community is fine the way it is and getting help from big tournaments like MLG would hurt the community. I don’t watch or follow the fighting game scene, however, I am a member of the StarCraft 2 community, and the success of that has been amazing. Would it be beneficial, and would the community be able to embrace changes if the outcome was similar to that of Starcraft 2’s? Also, would you be opposed to having SSF4 AE or MVC 3 at tournaments like MLG?


Isn’t EVO bigger than MLG? (not money wise, but participates and viewers)

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For someone like me who has been involved in “the scene” for many years, I don’t feel like I’m gaining anything with the commercial success of competitive fighting games. My experience in SF has gotten much much worse since 2009. Of course I’m primarily an arcade player who only plays a very old game, but at the same time, tournaments cost way more to enter compared to 2008, and I enjoy them a lot less. The vast majority of new players are a low skill level and obnoxious in a variety of ways.


That time of year for this thread to pop up already? Damn how time flies…


Isn’t the internet more to blame for this than the tournaments changing themselves.


Unfortunately MLG didn’t post their stats for unique viewers for their Anaheim event, which took place at the same time EVO did. EVO had about 1500 more competitors, but their format allows players to join in more easily. And for the fan attendance, MLG posted they had about 20,000 fans attend. EVO is free entry, so they can’t really determine how many fans showed up to watch.

More of what my question was about is the fact that the fighting game scene offers little chance, since it isn’t very big monetary wise, to allow the players who really want their hobby and passion to become their job. Now for whatever reason, when people see job, they flip out. People then continue to make statements like, “they don’t want it to be a chore they want to have fun!” The problem with that is, that is how most people choose theirs careers anyhow. You do what you like because otherwise it is a chore. So to be able to see your favorite SF player get paid for just showing up at a tournament because the scene is larger, the community has to make sacrifices like that for the players.


I watched the MLG finals for Halo Reach and it looked like a very poor turn out


I went to an MLG event 2 weeks ago in Providence with my friends. Most of those in attendance were there for Starcraft 2, and that’s what got the main stage. Many of the attendees I saw just sat there and talked about how bad the pros were, and many of the pros acted like they were tiny Gods.

Just a very negative vibe overall.


I love going to EVO, I wouldn’t go if they started running it as a joint starcraft, halo, street fighter tourney. would. not. go.


Halo and COD have been seeing a decline in interest in the competitive scene for a year or two now.


I went to the 09’ Anaheim event and the 11’ Anaheim event and had the opposite feeling. The crowds at both seemed to be very happy and friendly. While yes some do bash pros, it is only natural when in a competitive environment like that. As for the “tiny god” thing, the Korean and very top non-Korean players are that way because because they are the very best. It is the same with SF, the Japanese or Koreans are in a league of their own and are the best. They act that way because the community treats them as such.


I’m not asking that EVO start putting in other games, I asked what people thought of other tournaments bringing in fighting games to help boost the community fan wise and monetary wise.


For one, Capcom need to stop making fighting games that cater to the new generation of gamers. If fighters were fun to play like they used to be, most people wouldnt even care about the prize money.


People used to go to events because they liked the comp and they liked the games…making money the reason to go has kinda tainted the pools, bringing in people who really don’t give a shit about the community, or the people involved, but just want to make money. It’s also raised the entry fees for a number of events making them harder for people to go and compete.

I dunno, the Grassroots aspect of it was a rather large part of the fun. People went cuz they liked to play and they liked the rivalries and hanging out with like minded individuals. Last couple of years have felt really money oriented, and a flood of very ego driven, shitty players who really don’t give a shit about the community but just boosting their own self image have made their way in as well as a boost in people leeching, people selling shirts with fighting game catchphrases an shit on em like Swagger or Salty or some stupid shit tryin to make a buck.

A lot of the pride seems to be gone and has been replaced with misplaced ego driven BS. It’s just not the community it once was. You can see it in the very way SRK is ran these days. All hits based. Quantity over quality.


Another problem could be the lack of white people playing fighting games, seriously.


If SFxT has Blood Diamonds in it, this will only hurt the community…


Everything you said was on point. Everything you said should be on the front page. But, I forgot that the almighty dollar and the people the int it for the money/ fans of the way things are ran now/ or run this shit, are the voices of the fighting game community now. No wonder why a lof of old school heads aren’t hungry and like whatever because they can’t take new gen mainstream BS seriously.

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