Helpless guy attacked by 7 kids


smh, wish I knew the context of it all but it wouldn’t make it any less horrible.

Wow the video already got removed. The Youtube cops are on it today. Sorry.

Yeah I was gonna say something butt then i saw the police took it down. I’m sure it wasn’t a good look though.


Just gonna get removed again but w/e.

All those guys are fucked. With the face being shown on one of the kids it won’t be long till they all get booked with criminal records. Taping shit like this is the dumbest possible thing you can do next to uploading it onto youtube…

That’s fucking horrible. I hope those shit heads get caught.

On that second youtube link, the likes are higher than the dislikes…
I can only hope that means they like that it was reuploaded to show the guy.

Why are jackasses always so fucking dumb?


Wow. How did that get posted? It’s pretty clear the one video taping it was with the pussies beating on the guy. Did they upload it themselves? I mean, that’d be conclusively retarded, but then again taping an assault in the first place is as well. Yeah, YT uploader comment says that one of the kids uploaded it himself. Well, hopefully they all get significantly fucked over. Human garbage deserving to be exterminated, imo.

Just had to do this on MLK day huh

eventhough none of them were black you just know black folk are going to get blamed for this.

it wasn’t much of a beating imo, the Asian guy was just getting slapped around. Once the kid with the face shown gets caught the rest of them will all get brought in exchange for a lighter sentence. Hope the cops do their job for once.

Shit, man.

Wow, my blood is boiling.

SMGDH what a bunch of pussies.

I mean if they’re stupid enough to randomly jump someone who could be someone’s grandfather, I don’t think them being stupid enough to upload the video of them doing it is too far off.

And people wonder why I cary my 2 combat knifes with me

What a bunch of fucking pussies. I’m willing to bet that they didn’t even know the guy probably.

What is this talk about asian “man”? Dude looks like a kid their age.

Sounds like Grey Hood (THe ringleader I presume judging by his macho-man faggotry towards the end) had some sort of a beef with Asian kid and brought his whole posse to resolve their beef.

Either way yeah I agree that it makes my blood boil. The good news is, justice is coming.

Here’s the article:,0,3192849.story