Henry K's Tag Request Thread


I decided to take some tag requests. This is not an avatar request thread.
-No Animation
-Tell me what size
-Text or no text
-I will most likely have the sprite you want
-If it’s a portrait or a human, provide me it

My Kind of Work:





hey m8 can i get a SF3 third strike ken tag?

any of these will do



You got it. I’m starting it now.


Klarkus, yours is ready. Just look under pick up in the first post.


id like to request a tag if at all possible…here’s the pics u can use…do anything u like just incorporate them all into the tag…thanks

oh and for the morrigan pic take out the bats and for the lil i-no pic remove the green behind her and shrink the pic to a kinda small size and pop it in the bottom right hand corner if u dont mind…thats all for specs


damn…u know what…do u have aim??? cuz i have like 4 more other pics i want in it and i dont wanna have to post up all of them and waste space u know…holla back with an aim name or an email address i can send the pics to


Could i get a tag roughly the same size as the ones you showed?

Text please.and could i be dark.


Here’s the image.Thanks


Aight, Ima be starting these requests soon.

4day Ibuki: My AIM is: ninja65689


any news on the tags?:slight_smile:


let me get an av of magnus with cool purple powers swirling around him and have it say DragonGod and Team Decepticons somewhere if you could recolor him black and green that would be hot. thanx





well now whos gonna make our tags?