Henshin A Go Go, Baby! Viewtiful Joe Thread



Viewtiful Joe MoVelist
Pardon the corniness that is to come.

A - Any attack (Unless otherwise stated)
A/B/C - Light/Medium/Heavy
E - Exchange
2A - Any two attacks simultaneously
HCB - Half circle back.
QCF - Quarter circle forward.
QCB - Quarter circle back.
DP - Dragon punch motion.
AAA - Mash Attack.

Costumes in order. Listed from left to right:
[]Viewtiful Red
]Captain Blue
]Jet Black

Notable Normals
[*]OVERHEAD - fwd.B

  • Comboable afterwards.
    [*]CROSS-UP - j.M
  • Great hitbox on it to cross-up the opponent after jumping.

Special MoVes

  • Joe’s primary ranged projectile.
    A - Thrown straight across. When charged fully, it will go past the opponent and hit them again coming back.
    B - Thrown about half-screen distance, then flies upward. When charged fully, it will come back down and hit.
    C - Thrown right above, then flies backward. When charged fully, it will come back from behind and hit opponent.[/list]


  • The first input will lay a bomb. Holding command down kicks the bomb forward. Can hit Joe if it explodes near him, where the enemy is free to combo you.

[list][*]RED HOT KICK - QCB+A (Air Only)

  • Can do up to 3 times in the air.
    A - Goes straight down. Overhead.
    B - Goes down towards at a ~45° angle. Overhead.
    C - Goes forward at a 180° angle. Does not overhead.[/list]

[list][*]AIR JOE - AAA (Air Only)

A - Uppercut goes straight up.
B - Uppercut goes up forward at a 45°.
C - Uppercut goes up forward at a 45°, hitting twice.


  • Speed debuff on hit. If the debuffed character switches out, their assist will be considerably slowed, and when the character switches back in, debuff will still be in effect.
  • The debuff also affects combos, such as the character falling slower in the air, allowing you to combo attacks such as Red Hot Kick.
  • The standing/crouching animation of the character will also be slowed, making it harder to block overheads.

[list][*]MACH SPEED - DP+2A

  • Comboable afterwards.[/list]

[list][*]DESPERADO - QCF+2A

  • Only Super that you can combo in the air.

? - Voomerang - [Shot :f:]
? - GrooVy Uppercut - [Direct :uf:]
? - Bomb Toss - [Shot :df:]


Dormammu looks awesome

still amazed they haven’t announced Spider-Man yet


Dormammu seems like the new Blackheart, and I’m guessing Spider-Man’s voice or post-game taunts aren’t finished yet.

I wonder if Viewtiful Joe’s hitbox will play a factor in the opponent’s combos again. I personally didn’t like how they did Joe’s supers in TvC, I was excpecting more time meter supers that slowed the enemy down or sped up Joe.


i like the pic of him kicking Thor. where’s your god now marvel!!!


He’ll be announced after shattered dimensions comes out.


I’ll be looking forward to Joe’s assists. Also his English voice.


Joe´s head is a combo magnet.


In TvC the only advantage that Joe had was that his small size caused him to get dropped in a couple of combos; very few combos, it wasn’t much of an advantage. He had slightly lower stamina than other characters because of it, which was kind of pointless.

I hope they improve his supers and bombs while buffing his mobility and range. They also need to make it so that he can do two Red Hot Kicks in the air again.


This is important lol.

If he had a slightly better damage output than what he has in TVC (done by improving his supers since he can combo to and from them) then he would be a respectable character.

Really excited by this btw


He is a respectable rushdown character. I hope voomerang provides more cover in this game and red hoy kick becomes better. I think a slow down bullet time super would rock


Nah the best thing they can do with that is make Mach speed a Genei-jin type move. He is a solid rushdown character though just some damage buffs in any shape or form would work in his favor.


this is the Joe thread.



Joe is just too awesome, I suppose they would keep his v-bombs that might explode on him so that would be two characters(along with Chris) that have a move that can backfire on them.


They’re called Shocking Pink by the way lol

More bomb shenanigans would be welcomed it was such an overlooked move cause it wasn’t very applicable to what he does.


Thanks, I knew the name, its like calling a hadouken, a fireball, what difference does it make?

anyways I suppose his lvl 3 hyper would be “Slow and Zoom In” or maybe something new maybe.


I’m just messing with ya!


I just hope the implement his slowing down and speeding up time thing much better in this game. Looking forward to some gameplay videos and hopefully some surprise character announcement because despite being very happy that joe and dormammu were announced we kinda knew they were both in it for over a month now.


I cant wait for the gameplay vids. Joe is my fav video game character xD


To increase his range he should be able to switch to Sylvia so she can use her gun!


What they probably did (guessing) is that they relegated Joe’s Zoom-In attacks to aerial special move motions.

I just want my double Red Hot Kicks. They were so much fun.