Herculean Task

I found this way earlier today and beat Very hard arcade easily.

What you do is pick, Sentinel, Amaterasu with Cold star assist and then pick Ryu for his Tatsumaki, put the timer on 30 seconds, spam Sent’s laserbeam and Amaterasu cold star assist, simutaneously with Ryu’s Tatsu kicks, and use Sent’s hyper when cold star hits or your laserbeam. That way you will win on time-out.

Great, but guess what.

No one cares.

Completionists will.

Or you can play the game like a big boy.

beat it on my first attempt of very hard yesterday with cap/hulk/arthur

had to have all of my captain name tag things lol

Learning to play against the AI and learning to play against a human are two completely different things.

The AI can read your controller inputs and do a perfect counter. It doesn’t behave like a human player.

As far as I can tell, the AI reacts in very specific ways to certain moves, and it seems to just roll a dice as to whether it blocks your attack or doesn’t.

For example on the AI behavior, it seems to always do a normal jump over Iron man’s unibeam attack at the same time. If you do a L unibeam, it dodges it completely. If you do a H unibeam, it seems to always get hit by the last few frames.

For those who just want to grind out the titles, this is useful. For those who just want to get better at the game, very hard arcade mode isn’t very good for that anyways.

Ehh? Learning to play properly will never help you beat a very hard computer. Computers will never fall for mixups or traps. Computers will never drop a combo or mess up their inputs.

So it helps to know what they are weak against. Believe it or not some people out there may want to get trophies, there is a single player mode. Maybe this kind of stuff is better suited for gamefaqs, but I think it’s relevant enough right here. Thanks for the tip op. Never mind the internet hotshots.

I like how you both infer that I’m suggesting you learn from playing very hard mode as opposed to me just saying you can just play through and beat the comp on very hard the normal way which is the whole point of rewarding players with those titles.

Clearly you have not played MvC3 Arcade Mode on Very Hard.

They ported the ST CPU into it. That’s how hard it is.

I’ve already cleared it twice getting my Mag and Sent titles. Not that beating a computer is really anything to brag about, you just need to play dirty and cover your low lights with assists to get in.

1: pick deadpool, put him on point
2: spam the hell out of pineapple and guns, if they super jump over guns, dash under them and repeat.
3: If the AI calls out an assist, bangbangbang
4: If you catch someone with pineapple, do high guns immediately. If you catch someone with guns, do bangbangbang.
5: Call another projectile assist whenever you get the chance, if that assist gets caught in a beam hyper, dont call it again till it regenerates its red life.
6: When you get to galactus’s heralds, save your meter for when the second herald comes in. When he does, just spam bangbangbag and watch as the damage is doubled because your hitting two people. You can chip them to death easy if you got some relatively good damage done to the single herald.
7: Galactus is galactus. I haven’t noticed any significant changes to him throughout the difficulty settings.

the ai has pretty much no idea how to deal with this zoning, and you can win just by punishing assists and chipping them to death most of the time. Only things to really worry about are other strong zoning characters (not to bad), teleporters (dangerous, but the ai rarely uses teleport, even with characters like wesker), and beam hypers (not a huge ammount of damage taken though.)

You don’t need to know a single bnb to win like this. Just a testament to how ai in fighting games sucks, and its only strength is its inhuman reaction time for blocking and punishing.

If your farming the titles for each characters hard mode completion, just pick deadpool + taskmaster + someone else with a good projectile or getoffme assist. When you get to the heralds, die on purpose to get back to the character select screen, replace the third character with the one you want the title for. whittle down galactus with taskmaster, and when galactus is low on health, switch to your third character, activate lvl3XF and finish him. lvl3XF bonus applies to all three characters in your team hyper combo, should finish off galactus if hes anywhere below 20% health. If you initiate the team hyper combo with the third character, that character’s title will be unlocked.

So you are just using different dirty tactics than the other guy… ok cool… just cause you did it doesn’t mean anything right… according to you beating the computer isn’t anything to brag about so Y are you posting here?

If you want a tip, use Sentinel and use Morrigan as an assist to give you meter, the third is up to you, I suppose the Cat would be passable but mainly to just give Sentinel a lot of meter. That’s how I get to the last stage of very hard and I could change characters easily getting each ending or achievements barely trying out each character. Also put on highest damage and infinite time, don’t want to mess up and get an ending you already have.

Its pretty tough, still new to this game but after going through it the first time I did notice a few things. I found the CPU had trouble with Sent or assists that stay out there a long time. It just stands there and blocks all day although sometimes it seems like it adapts and knows what your game is all about.

You can exploit this flaw in the CPU. Just pick Sent with Doom (Hidden Missle or Plasma Beam Assist). Stand back and spam his drones, neutralize and Doom’s assists. The CPU will take it all then try and s.j in which you do your drone super and push them back again. Rinse and repeat. Note: Doom’s missiles help keep the CPU from trying to s.j most times and you easily land perfects or minimal damage.

Also sometimes the CPU seems like it adapts and right as the match starts s.j’ straight away.

If you want a quicker way to end arcade mode, set it to Highest damage and 30 seconds for the timer.

I have a better way:

pause the game repeatedly every time the CPU player does anything. Punish all. good day.

Actually I wasn’t talking about 30 second victories or standing back and spamming one attack. But sure. Also, hooked on phonics didn’t work for you.

All the trophies are easy beside the one that requires you to be lvl 1 (lots of grind) or play against him in a ranked match (pure luck based)

Has anyone been able to complete all the 320 Missions? That seems to be the only trophy I won’t be able to get for a good long while, if ever. =/

agreed lol

I’m almost there :frowning: