Hercules/pinole/richmond/el sobrante/players?

wassup looking for local mvc2 players around my area

well you know im not from there but im down for my homies well hey pick up your phone so we can luke it up

i guess there are no players in this area…

they are hella players what are you sayin they just dont want to come out and remember luke it up

lol shuma yeah i guess there not down to luke it up lmfao…

good shit lastnight everyone was beasting to much crack hour

lol hells yea man even luke lol im gettin better with sent now i need a good mag

gg’s lastnight shuma and rattler…

yea man any time man gg’s and shit just remember its all about shuma

hey wheres all the guys at ???

they bounced out because you dont play mvc2 anymore

so what man if i dont play they shouldnt be puss cakes and not talk on here if they in the area well um…im about to be bang this this gurl and fuck playin games and smoking its about fuckin gurls and smoking

lol this nigga go dumb like retard’s on the school bus druelling

mr.s killer um… what?

never mind mr newyork son’ i said your comment was funny and that you was tight 4 that son’

oh yea man duh you have to be a puss cake if your in the area and your on srk and wont post in your area thread but whatever they can be on srk all they want looking up combos for who ever and on whatever im looking for their mom’s to do whatever on whatever lol yea man whens the next time we going to luke it up ?

what your back? or you just wanna kick it with mark and us?

duh kick it and stuff you guys are my homies duh why not kick it with you guys the things i wont play marvel till i know i’ll get that “p” on you till then i wont play and maybe we can tag lukes sister or her friends cause the next time i go over there i want some head yo i cant play games get high and not get some head yo

yea this is how we get down in the yay

Shuma crack hour at my house

shit duh you know how we do just let the others know