Hercules Tournament July 19, 2009

We are hosting a small Tournament for Street Fighter 4 Sunday July 19, 2009 in Hercules CA. This is for those of us that could not make it to the EVO Tournament. I also posted in the Tournament section:

When: July 19th, 2009

Where: My House
3240 South Front Street
Hercules, CA 94547

Time: Registration starts at 11:00am

Entrance Fee: $5 (100% will be given as prize money to top 3)
Payout if more than 16 entries
1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%
If less than 16 entries
1st - 80%
2nd - 20%

Street Fighter 4 will start at 12:30pm sharp.
Rules: All characters are legal.
Format: Standard 2/3 double elimination bracket.
System: XBOX 360 Bring your own stick. There will be some sticks you can borrow but just to be safe please bring your own.

If you plan on attending please email me at ae86707@yahoo.com so that I can plan for additional set ups if necessary.

If there are any questions post, pm or call.

I’ll be there since I’m not going to be at EVO.

count me in, I’m also bringing 2 other players along

That brings up the total to 12. I will have a PS3 for those of you that would like to play on that system.


First of all thank you to all that participated this past Sunday. It was a real cool crowd and I got some real good video of the matches. Casual gaming was a blast too. The results of the tournament are:

1st place: John (Yagami X)
2nd place: Jerome (Jeromakazi)
3rd place: Justin (Krushgroove84)

Good game everyone. I look forward to the next gathering/tournament.