Here Comes A New Challanger: Urien, Alex, Ibuki, Guile, Balrog, and Juri thread

Since Urien, Alex, Ibuki, Guile, Balrog, and Juri have all been basically confirmed as 2016 DLC through data mining PC beta files (as well as the matching shadow teaser released by Capcom)…,

Any thoughts, hopes, or concerns for these characters?

I’m hoping Urien’s VT is just Aegis, and then he can consume half the activated VT bar for a second aegis that shortens his VT duration. His tackle super would be dope.

I’m hoping Guile gets a few additions to his old school concept. I would love to see him have high and low, one handed sonic booms like Remy, but also the standard two handed boom as a mid attack.

Hoping Ibuki is more about footsies and safe confirms like a neutral based character such as Chun-Li or Ryu rather than being a mixup focused 50/50 character like Gief.

No Cody no party. Pre-order cancelled, boycotting Capcom.


I think Alex is going to be top tier.

As long as Ibuki plays much more similar to her 3rd Strike incarnation as opposed to IV, I’ll be content. Glad that she’s making it regardless. I’m also psyched for Alex’s return. :smiley:

Not a huge fan of him, but I’m slightly interested in seeing how they handle Urien. The rest of the characters don’t really interest me.



Let’s wait until these characters have been officially confirmed before making threads for them.

Until then, talk about them in the [character thread](SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread