Here comes the champ! (but is tht a good thing?)

Since winning the EVO championship thanks to F-champs shenanigans Dorm, Doom and Magnus have all received alot more playtime on all level of competition, (online, pro circuit, locals) Tht being said just like with wesker’s madness and phoenix when she was at the height of her power before capcom put her down everyone is searching for gameplans to neutralize f-champs team and its members individually. Tht being said how does a run of the mill dorm player, (such as myself) or even skilled dorm players improve and try to be original when there is a hit out on the character and ppl are building tech against them?

Use the main thread for basic questions like these.

That being said, it seems like you have two unrelated concerns:

  1. How do I be original in this game?
  2. How do I win when everyone has my character figured out?

Haha, so here I was, checking out the dormammu threads for the first time, and the first thing I read is this. I was going to pick up Dorm - actually, I still am, but man that was discouraging. o_O


dorm isn’t like a character to figure out because you can do great zoning or great rush down

If you play like a machine that does the same thing all the time then you will lose to people who are thinking.

Honestly, I think mobility is the most important part of Marvel. Optimizing your character’s movement choices whether it be always SJ canceling into air dashes, getting plinks down, or whatever. That is the easiest way to put your character in an advantageous spot. Next part is knowing your tool set well enough to either A)Predict what your opponent will do and answer appropriately or B) React to what they do and answer appropriately.

As someone who has tragically ignored mastering my character’s movement until recently, I agree entirely.

I’m right there with you, my Dorm is a little behind the rest of my team.

I’m curious, but what is your basic plan when starting the round with Dormammu against characters like Dante, Vergil, Wolverine, and Wesker?

I do a variety of things when starting against in your face characters.

  1. Walk towards them then jump over their head right before the game starts, if you do it right you can cross-up fishhook as the match starts. If they press buttons you’ve hit them, if they block you’re safe enough to get a cr. L and flame carpet out which gives you a split second to think and call assists.

  2. Walk backwards, anticipate the jump and try to throw them, which is a huge gamble most times but my sparring buddy plays Magneto so i’ve had a lot of practice timing throws at the match start. For the people that run up on you and press buttons at the start, I really think throws are one of the only legitimate way to start a match against characters with stupid good walking speed. Wolverine teams are always going to have an assist (if they actually build the team like they should) for him to convert off his throws so that one is really risky. The only trade-off is Dorm can convert off his air throws with a simple ADDF and it turns into a double relaunch combo with chaotic flame, resetting the meta. Good if it works, might be a dead Dorm if it doesn’t.

  3. If I’m out of throw range and I know it, i’ll start with a cr. L flame carpet. Makes space if they’re blocking, disjointed hitbox, fast, one of the very few options that he has at the beginning. Stops berzerker slash, forces you into the air if you’re trying to rush me down. TK divekicks are the biggest threat here.

If for some reason, they don’t walk towards you, which happens more often than you might think, I always opt to back up and make space rather than try and rush them down and cross them up. I’d rather chip them and zone them out, score a random hit, then convert off Missiles or teleport rather than rush any character down, no matter how much the matchup is in my favor.

Dante- Be mindful of assists, I see a lot of people have trouble converting off his throws without something easy like shopping cart or whatever. I’m not afraid to get thrown by Dante if he can’t convert. If you aren’t in a blockstring from an assist, there is no reason his ass shouldn’t get thrown every time he teleports. Shit is way too easy to snatch up. I see people call assists and teleport a lot for the start of the match with him and it always results in a full combo from a throw for myself.

Vergil- I don’t know…this character makes me upset. Better to get put in a roundtrip block string than take a throw from this guy. If he hunts me down at the start of the match, i’ll try throwing him, but a lot of times I’ll block low and wait to punish with a pushblock. His cr. H or whatever is too good, and it eats up Dormammu because of his size. If he whiffs anything, or starts spiral swords, I will burn meter on chaotic flame all day. Puts him at fullscreen and resets the meta. Pretty much the only time while playing Vergil to get things going in your favor.

Wolverine- Rough fight if he gets on you first thing which isn’t hard because the dudes walk is a dull sprint. Berzerker slash is vulnerable to throws. Flame carpets keep him from assaulting your face from the ground but then he starts dive kicking which Dormammu has a problem with because he lacks tools in the air. Converting from SJ height isn’t terrible but I imagine the only move that reaches far enough to not trade with dive kick is probably Air M. The best bet is to either back away if you can and zone, or never let him breathe.

Wesker- Taking a throw from this guy isn’t wise cause he has kindergarten confirms. He can command grab at the start of the match. I had to turn the game on to see what his walk speed is like. Verdict: Definitely walk backwards. From what I can tell, by the time the match starts, you won’t be in throw range if you’re holding back from the get-go. Which honestly, that’s my favorite place to be in any match, space to get a low or flame carpet out, space to throw out M’s if I need more, able to call assists and protect them, good spot for Dorm.

Also checked the walk speeds of Dante and Vergil, again, from what I can tell, they won’t be close enough to throw by the time the match starts if you walk backwards. Might be if they jump towards you though, I’d need a second pair of hands to test that.