Here is a cover of Ken's Theme being played by HDD and Floppy drives


This is amazing and I had to share it with everyone.


you should have just posted this in video game music thread or the lounge


You been here long enough to know this didnt need its own thread.


thats actually pretty sweet though lol, if he post it in the lounge or whatever it would be missed, then raz0r would be crying in the shower cutting himself the next day when it gets reposted.


That driveby posting shit is annoying though


Nigga this post is the equivalent of a Facebook share. You KNOW this isn’t a standalone topic and does not generate discussion.

This shit is almost like posting a picture of my breakfast and being like “discuss.”.




sunny side eggs are top tier.


I prefer patties to links, though.


hard boiled are S+ tier, poached are pretty fucking OP too…deviled eggs are SSS+++++ tier

sausage patties > links

needs more peameal bacon


Thats some tasty looking bacon

Healthy breakfast


Awesome! Thanks for posting!


I never realized how much difference eggs taste just by changing the ORDER you do things. Scrambled eggs. Rather than scrambling in a bowl, crack them in a pan and scramble it as it’s cooking. So much more air gets incorporated.


Fried sunny side up egg is OP.


I cant eat burgers anymore without a fried egg on it


Sounds better than SFV’s trash of an OST.

…and Omelettes with Bacon, bell peppers and onions are the superior way to consume eggs.


Eggs were meant to be eaten poached.


Also, what’s with all this “sunny” crap I hear when people talk about eggs? I just say soft yolk or hard yolk. I’m ordering eggs, not taking an astronomy course?




ugh… I like 'em over easy, but raw whites are just nasty.

Liquid yolk is a bit of alright tho.


i like my eggs fried to a crisp and served with soy sauce and rice