Here is a pic of ryu

Here is a pic of Ryu I did in my style tell me what you think.

you certainly have his look down. but dont you think you should add more detail (or at least a body). i think some ppl on this thread may tear this piece up, but i think your pic looks decent. keep it up.

thanks yo

thanks yo I’m glad that someone replied to it sorry it took so long for me to reply.:stuck_out_tongue:

I hate ryu drawings

anyone with a headband can look like him lol

This ryu reminds me of toby mcguire w/ a little bit of peja stoyocovich shaved

its not a dis to your drawing I just think anything can look like ryu if you add a headband thus making it hard to judge.


Well I guess your right. I just got my scanner to work properly so now more of those crap ryu pics will be here lol… in the mean while cheack this out and tell me if you know of any one that could CG it.:stuck_out_tongue:


i dont think anyone wants to “cg” this pic for you, i mean is that guy tappin that girl in the ass? wtf?

here is a wolverine drawing you can color on paint in the meantime. i doodled it a while ago. enjoy.


Yeah, I guess your right…He is taping her ass well auctaly her ass is taping his hand, well you know how Black girls are all freakey and what not…lol:lol: :lol: :lol:

ok dude, this is a once in a lifetime thing, so cherish it. i am sending you a “cg-ed” version of your ryu pic. no self-respecting person would color in that picture you posted of those guys checkin out that ass. dont ever ask me again. so here. enjoy.

please! do not paint over someones drawing if you paint like shit. your just making him confused that your way is good which it isn’t. i don’t mind draw overs or paint overs but dam you made that ryu look worse. and dont pm me saying your the shit cause i’ll rip you a new asshole. your not worthy of me showing my work so fuck off.

excuse me, motherfucker, but i never said i was THE SHIT! i am just learning how to use ph. sorry i asked a arrogant bastard like you for a simply request.
worthy of your shit, huh? gimme a break, i wouldn’t wipe my ass with your fuckin art.

Sorry to intrude in all the animosity…but ZenMaster…that Wolverine pic is tight…I’ve said my peice…so I’ll go back to whatever it is I do.

so your telling me you didn’t pm me saying your not impressed with anything i’ve done? hey dickhead before you talk shit you’ll have to post something good. i’m not your mom so i won’t blow sunshine up your ass. i’ll just tell you what i see and right now it’s not worth of shit. after a couple of years and maybe when you have grand children send me something.

hey hey hey

c’mon guys guys don’t fight just have a contest and I’ll join too that way we can settlke this once and for all, unless you yere scared to do so if you are than I understand.:bluu: :lol: :cool: :smiley:

impressed with what? havent seen any of your shit. oh, i know why. its cuz your afraid some other asshole like you will say something like, “oh, this shit sux, learn how to draw!”

i draw for leisure, you dickless faggot. i dont show off and i dont talk shit about other art. i am not pursuing any carreer in art, its a hobby. if your soooooo fuckin good, how come you spend all your fuckin time commenting on fanart forums? do you have any offers from capcom or marvel to inlist you anytime soon? of course not. you know why? cuz your a muthafucker who has nothin better to do but bash people on fanart forums.

“after a couple of years and maybe when you have grand children send me something.”

jeez, muthafucker, learn some grammer before you go insulting someone.

:wtf: Wow, well all I can say is contest but you guys arent up for that so I guess you can just send forms to one another telling each other how much crap eachother is… but who am I but a Japanese guy with hopes and dreams of world peace, and art contest…pluss they bring out the best in people and I wanna discover my self as far as art goes, I wanna know how good I can get, but you guys don’t but what ever. :bluu:

your a funny guy… why would i be afraid to post? like your comments means anything to me. i dont need feedback so i don’t need to post. and if i wanted comments i will just send people i like an image. I work as a concept artist for a large studio so i dont need these companies calling me. and if you spent more time drawing and painting instead of talking shit you might be somewhere. i just tell it how it is son.

yo sweet what kinda drawin, tool do you use??? oh and how long you been drawn’???

he’s an artist.

he more than likely uses more than one tool, and from what i saw, he probably uses them all very proficiently.