Here is an anime character take a look


Hey all, this is an original of one of my characters. His name is Aeris (yes i know its a female name, long story). It was a school project, but I like it so im posting it. Done in india ink, simple black and white. The right arm is a bit funky, but other than that i think its ok. Tell me what you think. But please, constructive criticism only. Im sure that there are better ways to criticize someone’s artwork than to be rude. Thank you.

C:\My Documents\Rashaans pics\Aeris5.bmp



here is the pic:


not a bad job on the face. i know you’re doing forshortening but the arms look really short, and the legs look like they’re going a bit too much to the side. not too bad though. not a bad background either.


yeah, i thought somethin looked off, but i couldnt put my finger on it. thx for the advice. Anyone else feel free to comment, im always looking for tips to improve.


i like the detail on the canyon it reminds me of the backgrounds in the dragon ball mangas…i always admired akira toriyama’s way to do a background.


I second that… the only thing is probably the anatomy on his legs. I cant see the look you were going for and its sort of un proportionate. I like your work, keep it coming.


yeah i see what u guys are saying. i was trying to render him turning left while he was flying, but i guess the perspective got away from me lol. thx for the comments. ill post some more as soon as i can scan again.


At least you have a nice background! Well i think you should work foreshortening the arm better. The legs need to the most work though. I know he is swooping through the air and leaves little room for wrinkles, but I think you can make the pants loo as if they have air running through them. Get some shape in there and bam.


Yo SAn, try to make the arms longer and bigger but not by too much and make the legs smaller and stright, remember what Glisson thought you don’t let her see that you know what she’ll say, but over all not bad just work on the faces alittle, when I get a flat bed scanner I’ll show you the re-make that I did of it to show you what I was talkin’ about or I’ll just come over your house what ever happens 1st.

keep it up, and pay attention to Glisson she knows what she st talkin’ 'bout trust me I wouldent be were I’m at If she didn’t nag me.


Thx for the feedback guys, ill work on that stuff, and hopefully improve. more originals to come!