Here is my favorite moment in my Street Fighter history ever :) ENJOY!


Also, i was a total noob in this video haha, i’m player 2! :slight_smile:


This isn’t the video forum dude.


0BP scrub match.
Did teleport out of fear. You did the wrong variant btw. Should’ve went forward.
Mashed Ultra because would lose.


You know what REALLY caught my attention? The Chun Li player’s title; love missionary…


If I think about everything I ever did in a fighting game…it was all done to avoid losing…


My favorite was before phone cams…i guess it never happened.


yo was that daigo playing akuma?


That was a great match, man. You really caught my Chun after I let you sit back and build meter for an entire round…

Wait a minute…

That’s not me! I don’t play ole stupid ass SF4! :rofl: