Here is the issue im having with nash ATM

So seeing that in USFIV ive played guile…now that nash is on V i would like to play with him but the thing that messes me up is his anti-airing and the sonicboom in a fireball motion…at times when i am playing nash i will honesty sit there and hold back and then do the fireball motion…is this just me that does this? The fact that the sonic boom is a fireball motion erks me…

Whats a good way to deal with this other than saying “you just gotta play more”?

Strangely enough this is the reason I can’t play Vega. I’m sure if I stuck it out with him I would adapt but it feels so alien.
Unfortunately it’s one of those things that if you want to play Nash then just stick with it and eventually it’ll become second nature.
If however you plan on playing Guile when he is released you might want to hold off just so you don’t go through this again in a couple of months.

Funny thing is i didnt even touch him but everybody felt that when V dropped that i was just gonna run to nash because i used to play with guile. I’d rather wait and just play with some of the new chracters

If you play a defensive Guile and are a charge-leaning player, you could do worse than FANG.

maybe just spend the next six weeks learning the whole cast so when guile comes out you know every characters weakness

Seems like you’re used to charge characters. Nash has a lot of similar normals but he plays nothing like Guile IMO.

Nash is his own unique beast.