Here is the new arcade stick (NEW CASE,MADCATZ LAYOUT!)

Hi everyone,

I have totoally stopped making any new arcade stick now,since I don’t have much time to do this,as you know making a joystick takes a lot of time.
However I still love the sticks,and want to share some stick that I’m selling in ebay.
If any of you guys are interested in these joystick,let me know,will offer you a discount on that.

Here is the latest one I’m selling,which is coming from QANBA(for PS3&PC).
I love this stick,it’s very solid and look similar as the TE,feature with wireless function,turbo function,also have very beautiful finish,looks not cheap at all,however,it’s very very heavy,which weight around 6KG,so the shipping is very very expensive(Will ship to USA by UPS,other country pls enquire).

A new one with SEIMITSU Part is also available now,please check our store.

Store address:

Make a cheap version that doesn’t come with stick/buttons/PCB, just a black painted case and drilled plexiglass, and I’ll buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now it’s either that or I start drilling holes into an old PS2 for my next stick :rofl:

This is 10x more reasonable and clean than what I received.

Please check your eBay email, I have sent you a new email.

Seems like a big improvement compared to how it was before.

Wow, very nice!

Can you disable those admin buttons? How does that start not get hit constantly, thats really really close to the Y.

Yeah, a cheaper barebones case with the wired PCB + case would probably net you a lot of money.

More pics from alternate angles would help as well.

Niking, I am considering purchasing one of your sticks for a long time, I saw the full Snawas and that got me interested. The drama on the other thread didnt help but apparently you have been working on improving the sticks, but I still have a couple of questions.

  1. I see you have tons of sticks posted in your eBay store, could you tell me wich ones are the better ones?
  2. Are the non Sanwa sticks wired like this one (assuming ht epics above are from a full Sanwa stick)
  3. I cant seem to find that specific stick you posted picks of, is it sold out? If it is when are you going to re-stock?
  4. I saw some full sanwa sticks up, are those wired the same way this one is?
  5. Is there any way to get different colored buttons and tops (specifically on the full sanwa ones, pink is not my color)?
  6. Could you please say in detail what Sanwa stick and buttons are you using for the full Sanwa ones?
  7. I have someone in the USA that can receive it for me and then re ship it to my current location, but can you ship directly to Dominican Republic, and if you can how much would it cost?
  8. Some of the sticks (specifically the pink full-Sanwa on the black case with 2 Street Fighter Logos) dont seem to have the plexiglass cover is this the case or the picture doesnt show it?

You can PM or email me at jrpg20@hotmail(dot)com. Im really interested in these sticks and so is a friend of mine. 200 or so buck for a full sanwa 8 button stick with free shippint to US is pretty darn good.

In the latest version,you just open the case,and plug off the quick disconnect,that’ll be fine.

Or you may find some solid cover for that button,lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

niking: Hi, it’s me MarkMan.

You’re doing a good job! Keep up the good work. I see you found your way on SRK. I wish you the best. Hopefully we’ll talk/email again soon.

Take care.

Looks like it would be difficult to use screwins on this case due to the deeply recessed internal sections for them.

Hi Niking,

This is coltmild from eBay. I’ve received your latest email and have sent you back a response. I will email you the shipping confirmation once I return the broken joystick back to you.

Like I said in my email, I look forward to my refund for postage and a new x360 replacement joystick that works this time, has cleaner wiring + disconnects and won’t break during transit.


space the start buttons farther away and make it less than 100$ and i buy one

  1. They have different shape and different desgin,those with plexiglass one will look more pretty then the square one,but finnally,the parts determine the quality,those using SANWA parts (those with pink joystick and buttons) are really good.
    2.From next week ALL joysticks will be replace into new wiring and arrangement.
    3.I only have pink recently,if any other color come available,I’ll note it in the desciption.
    4.They are SANWA JLF-TP-8Y-SK
    5.Yes,we can ship it to you using TNT express or HONGKONG Post.
    TNT express: USD$55,HONGKONG POST registered air parcel: USD$40.
    6.No,it don’t have one,of course,if you want it,I can put it on for you. :slight_smile:

looks like a great case. you should move the start guide and back button to the side of the case.

Very nice niking, guess I missed out on this new version by two weeks. Have to get my hands dirty soldering my Seimitsu buttons/joystick onto the previous model I ordered :slight_smile:

Hi again,thank you very much. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to talk with you again.

Sure,you’ll get exactly what you want this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested!! Are you selling these?

Thank you causalstevo,anyway you can play two weeks ahead. :slight_smile: