Here is the new arcade stick (NEW CASE,MADCATZ LAYOUT!)

Yes,I’m selling these,but this one I show will be available for sale at Friday.

Please PM me for more details. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to my new joystick.


hey Niking, i’m new the this whole arcade stick thing. i’ve been playing fighting games for awhile and i figured its time i stepped up my game and go for a stick and i was directed to yours. i was wondering if there was any particular one your selling right now that would be appropriate for a newer person like me but with good quality. i dont need anything like mega professional but i want something good that will improve my play. i’m looking at paying between $0.00 - $140ish any clues at all would be appreciated : ) thanks a lot.


Seriously what’s up with this cheapness? The guy has to make money from it aswell. As long someone is offering a quality product, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to ask a little more than 100 dollars.

The fact that you Americans got lucky with the Madcatz sticks (being 70/150 dollars whereas we europeans had to pay 70/150 EURO), doesn’t mean it always have to be this cheap.

Anyways Niking, I like the stick, but I would seriously reconsider the current placement of your back/start/home buttons, and maybe put them on the side at the back?

Also the headset plug is really important, so you should fix that as soon as possible too :).

i can see what your saying, and i really do think quality sticks should cost good money. i’m willing to pay good money for a good stick. but i dont think its fair to call americans cheap just because one member asked niking if there were any sticks around $100 and i researched his ebay store and yes there are sticks at buy now for under $100 US dollars. Maybe he’s just wanting a stick but can’t afford a nice one due the economic climate? (please don’t take offense i’m just giving my 2 cents no worries)

I like it dude, looks real good. the ball color doesnt match , but your preferance. Red or Orange would look kool too .

Hey niking, are there any reviews from other users about youre joysticks? As i would like to hear from others what they think of them… :smiley:

Niking, please respond to my email I sent you this morning.

I have sent you shipping confirmation + tracking # on the broken joystick that I shipped back to you. I have sent a money request for the cost of return shipping that we previously agreed that you would reimburse me for.

Please respond as soon as possible.

I’ll be reviewing a niking stick very soon hopefully. niking and I have been in contact with each other.

That is, if he is still willing to…

We’ll see!

cool looking forward to the review

interested to see how it compares to the madcatz SE which is about the same price

Thank you for your advice iCu, I’m working on it… :slight_smile:

jeenyus1 is getting this one soon,hope he can review it for you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have already refund you the postage today,please check your email. :slight_smile:

Yes, I will be receiving the joystick pictured in this thread. As soon as I receive it I will post a detailed review in this thread :smiley:

Niking, I received the postage refund. Thanks. As soon as the tracking number you provided me is able to track the package (it will probably take a day) I will close the PayPal dispute.


Woot, my replacement stick is currently in transit.

Read your feedback Niking and it seems like all your joystick customers are happy with their purchase and that I was the only one who got the broken one :S

Anyways, great customer service Niking and I’ll post a review in here once I get my new stick.


Have you got the replacement? How does it feel?

I’ve opened an online store,please visit it when you are free. :slight_smile:

It would be cool if you sold blank boxes so people can DIY their own stick.

Moving the start, select and home buttons to the side of the case would also be a great improvement.


hi niking just been to your store and was wondering if the black with pink button joystick is compatible with headsets (particularly with the turtle beach xl1) ?

if not how much to add this?

Yes,we’ve noticed that problem,and we’are buliding a new case now,hope it will come available soon.

Yes,we are also makeing the headset,and it will come available in the coming days,because we’are now making the wireless version,when wireless is complete,we’ll keep on the headset problem.