Here it Goes..

This is a pastel drawing I did a while back too. I thought bob sagat’s were tight.

I made this using a picture I took of my cat and Bland_Wolf’s Fatal Fury hat. YEA!

Just did this one for my friend

Spike should be in a fighting game :]

This is a painting of a Jimmy Eat World cd cover "Stay On My Side Tonight"
Got it signed by Jim Adkins himself is a happy fan girl cough…

Poison Ivy

This is a recreated Edvard Munch piece called “Vampire”

Self portrait. Guess where the backgrounds from!? hint: :open_mouth:

7 foot tall self portrait in pastel

I worried the most about these jeans and they turned out the best :smiley: irony…

I think my forehead is awkward but I do like the eyes @.@

And because I’m House-sick :frowning:

Hey, nice stuff you got on here. I agree the jeans are the best part in the big self portrait, especially the wrinkles. Well done!

i keep forgetting to ask but what’s the story behind the auron pic? lol was the spill on purpose or was it a happy accident?

if you gave me 10 guesses i would not have guessed that was house

Looks like a younger house but, it’s still TIGHT!

hahaha, too real

its like an anime younger spike spiegel house

Woke up and it was like that but it kinda worked so I didn’t freak out too bad.

Sorry to disappoint. I was messin around and wanted to finish it. Some people thought it was him without me telling. :stuck_out_tongue:

can you post the ref pic…just curious to see what may have gone wrong…


-Forehead is too short
-checks are too long
-neck is too long
-ear is too small
-crammed all the features by the chin together…

I know. It’s gruesome. I’ll draw a better one (also using a reference that’s an actual picture)

ah! well even the ref pic is eh. It’s so touched up, that even THAT looks off to me. explains a bit.

This is a pen drawing on a postcard that I sent to Bland_Wolf of Yoichi Kondo from Sambomaster!

and this is Bland_Wolf himself :smiley: yay two bass players! XD

Thanks a lot for the comments btw! I forget to say that -__- Schools been fryin ma brain.

Another postcard, this time of Koyuki from Beck. (the anime not the band)