Here it is for those wondering madcatz fight pad PCB

i was bored and my fight pad has developed a crack in it from spaming ZOMGFYAHSRKS LOL

but anyways here is the insides of it it seems to be extremely easy to hack for a custom stick with out having to use all the resistor and transistor stuff for reg 360 controller triggers
(that is if you want 8 button layouts like me)

a much larger picture is set as an attachment

now if only i can find detailed plans for a wood case like the norris style LOL

Loving the foam. That screams MadCatz quality right there. I can’t believe I dropped $40 on one of these things, a prompt return might be in order. Still, it works nice on my XBLA games.

would you sell it? to me? lol

I hope the prices on these drop, those are sweet PCBs.

MC is playing it pretty close to the vest on these, but I can’t see them being hard to find forever, and once they’re out of demand the price will probably drop like a rock.

Looks like an awesome pad for stick modding. Too bad they’re a bit hard to find and rather pricey if you wanna rip it apart :sad:

i have a question, would it be possible to hook up arcade buttons to this and still have the d-pad functional?

i mean just like a box with arcade button set up in it, and wire (or solder or whatever) the arcade bottons to this controllers pcb, and still be able to use the controllers d-pad in conjunction with the arcade buttons? wierd question i know

That’d proably fall under the “Anything is possible, but why would you even try this?” category.

It should be possible to keep the pad fully usable and also have it power your stick. It may be a little clumsy but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

i see, any idea how to get this to work? sorry im pretty new to modding
would i just solder the stick pcb to the pads pcb?

I’m using my Ken fightpad PCB to make my custom stick. Only going 6 button though. The thing I really like about the fightpad PCB is that it is so clean. While I personally cannot solder (due to a hand tremor) my friends who can all say that the fightpad PCB is the way to go after seeing it and the 360 PCB.

And if it goes as well as I think it will I will probably build a second stick from my second fightpad.

Here’s how I would theoretically do it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but if someone wants to chime in and tell me I’m stupid then it’s all good.

ah i see, thanks kyle, i have one more question

if i just soldered the stick’s buttons (only buttons) to the pad, and not the actual stick, do you think that would work?

i know it sounds stupid, but I prefer doing motions with my thumb (faster) and i prefer pressing buttons on an arcade stick (piano, faster mashing, tap, negative edge, more fingers, etc)

this way, i could do both? use controller in my left, and rest right on stick

If you were local and I didn’t have to ship and you didn’t mind paying me what I spent and really wanted one, yes, I probably would.

It looks like a lot of that PCB could be cut away, but how exactly do you go about cutting up a PCB without damaging components?

You could do this but what would be supporting the controller? Just the left hand? wouldn’t this be hard to control?

Unless you design a something radical like a joystick box but with a controller extending out of the left side so your left hand would go there and right on the buttons on the box.

Yeah, just make sure the soldered wiring doesn’t affect your ability to depress the buttons normally.

take right hand and grab the pad like a cheezeburger then use fingers to “type” your commands
no need for a stick

i used to do the same thing on NES when i was five cause i couldnt use my thumb for both a+b button operation

this is kind of what i’m going for, its going to be my first modding project

i’ve tried that hamburger method, and it works fine for games like soul calibur, but for 2D fighters i still prefer bigger more sensitive buttons, i can use my thumb and pinky on that kind of set up and its better for mashing, or piano method and all

btw, thanks alot for the help kyle